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Heartland Community Schools Reviews

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I feel extremely safe here at school. The staff here is very helpful and will do anything for you. Very clean atmosphere and in a very respectful community. Heartland Schools has made me feel very prepared for my career.
Heartland is a very supportive learning environment where students push each other to become better and teachers make sure the students have the best resources to be successful.
I love the atmosphere at our small town school. Every one knows every one and we are all very friendly. I wish we offered tougher classes and tools to help prepare us for college.
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I've been going to Heartland since day one and I've never had an issue that wasn't fixed or explained to me why it couldn't be fixed. My classmates are awesome the underclassmen are awesome, the whole school is amazing. There is always room for improvement. I would one day love to have my child go through Heartland.
At Heartland Community Schools. I appreciate my fellow classmates. We are all very entertaining, studious, and have wild imaginations. I would like it if Heartland started up more clubs. There are not many, but if the teacher asked their pupils for ideas on what kind of club they thought was a fun idea, the students would be more involved, and wanting to join when their ideas are used. Heartland is also very different from other schools. Heartlands students strive to be the very best, and if a student needs a little extra help, the teachers are always willing to come in early or stay late, so that the student gets a grasp on the subject.
i like how everybody cares about each other. i also like how they handle the bullying in the school. i also enjoy when they brought the really meat to our school.
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