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Heard County schools are like not other. There is a distinct interest in learning for all students. The teachers of Heard County go above and beyond to make sure all students have the best opportunity to excel and succeed.
I love Heard County School System. It is a very small community where you know someone everywhere you go. I enjoyed every day of school and graduated Valedictorian of my class. To me and my family we have always given our school system the highest of praise. We are so thankful for the great school it is and keeps getting better. Our county has beautiful schools and the facilities are far above any other school we traveled too for athletics. I also feel like we have the very best administrators and teachers, they really do care about the students. I feel very proud to be a part of the Heard County School System family.
Heard County Schools have a mission to make sure all students are given the opportunity for a great education. I attended another school district for most of my education and the difference is amazing. I know being a Heard County School student has given me more opportunity for my future.
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Most people would look at my small school and see nothing but a brick building with a few hundred kids buzzing around inside. A stranger could blink and completely miss the town as they pass through it. To me, though, this school is home. It had fostered my creativity and fueled me as I have grown up. The teachers care about me, and encourage independence and excellence. Heard County truly teaches "PRIDE."
I would give the ranking of 4.5 stars if they'd given the option. Heard County Schools are recognized with high test scores and athletics. Football being the main attraction during the fall, because this is a small country town. All of Heard County comes out to the games and even travels to support. The dress code is strict, but well arranged to make the students look professional. The teachers spend long hours preparing to best allow each student to comprehend the taught material. They go beyond the curriculum and teach life lessons as well. The Heard County School System is more than just a bunch of buildings and people, it's a family.
I loved being a student at Heard County High School. The faculty and staff are very oriented and ready to help anyone who needs it. Since the school is in a very small town and everyone knows everyone, the staff also became family. Having connections with the teachers was very helpful and they provided really well classrooms and made learning very interesting and I was always eager to learn new things.
The school is top notch and it is very receptive to the ideas and needs of students. It has great sport programs that catch the attention of colleges every year. I would like more funding for programs with real life skills like automotive and woodwork.
It's located in the middle of nowhere. Honestly, there's nothing really special about it. Sometimes the teachers play favorites. So, it's probably not any different than any other school system.
Heard County High School is a great school to attend. At our school we are held to high standard that average high school student aren't used to. I love the atmosphere here. Most kids dread going to school but kids at Heard County want to go to school because they can't wait to me around great people.
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