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I think that the staff is completely underrated. There are a lot of bad kids that go to schools in this district. The amount of patience this staff needs is unreal. They work hard to give us the best experiences possible, even if all the students are against them.
I go to the Science Academy it is small like a middle school and have good faculty but the students are not really a close community. Very basic high school experience.
I liked a lot about the Hazleton Area School District. In particular, I liked the other fellow students the most; well, that is in my high school days. I would specifically change the favoritism in sports; every coach has a favorite and it is not fair to the students who are not good at sports and want to take a shot because they are not even going to make the team from the start.
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The STEM school provided an adequate environment for its students, however there was always a divide among the high schools.
I think the Hazleton Area School District consists of a very large group of students, but they manage to arrange a curriculum where each student has an opportunity to prosper. This district is filled with teachers who care and are willing to undergo change in order to help their students. By creating high schools with specific areas (STEM and the Arts and Humanities), Hazleton is able to help their students explore and find their passions alongside people who share similar interests, which helps prepare them for their futures.
I specifically go to the STEM based school in the district, the Academy of Sciences. It is beautiful. The main high school may not have the best reputation, but the Academy building is gorgeous. We are far away from the main building and our school is run as a preparatory and hands on school. We believe in group work and teaching ourselves. We give a lot of freedom in which we get an assignment and can “flex out” or sit in the hallway lounges and work with other peers. Everyone sits in groups and you never feel like you don’t see people because you see them all the time. It’s a small school with around 125 of the district’s kids in a grade level. It’s a test in high school and we have four lab rooms with any equipment you could ever need. The teachers are super friendly and gym is real gym. No sport lessons, but workouts. We run in a block schedule and take four classes a semester for a total of eight a year. The food is excellent and is open all day!
I attended the Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences and I loved it. Taking the test and choosing to go there was a great decision
I like that it was diverse. They do not prepare students for college. Academics are ok. They provide Ap classes. Counselors are not very helpful
The school spirit can be felt throughout all three high school buildings (HAHS, HAAS, HACC), and teachers genuinely want to see there students succeed. There are many fun activities students can partake in. However, I would have liked to see the three buildings more united-some students and teachers had prejudiced ideas on students depending on which building they attended. Additionally, the security in the schools were a little excessive-despite it being understandable why HASD chose to have such strict regulations.
It's not a very good school environment. Overcrowding and safety is a big problem, although academics are okay
Hazleton Area has teachers who care, students who are dedicated, and a variety of people everywhere. Student athletes are extremely prevalent, and athletics are a large part of the school spirit. Clubs are also a large part of school. Everyone is involved in something and are usually recognized for it.
Elementary through middle school is a very good time in this district. High school is also very well organized and gives a lot of opportunity but is a little crowded.
Hazleton Area High School has been a rewarding experience for me. It's teachers have trained me well, and made class unique, entertaining, and valuable. The people I have come across over my academic career peer-wise have also been amazing. I have made countless friends with my peers and teachers, which has helped Hazleton exceed in possessing a rich learning environment. If I were to change anything, it would be to find a happy medium when enforcing policies. It often jumps from barely any enforcement, to everyone being surveyed for a single slip-up, a wrongdoing that goes against this policy, and they are at your throat. The biggest issue with that is, after a few weeks, it has returned to having lax enforcement. So, all in all, inconsistent discipline is their weakest point. Do not let that detract from Hazleton though. The good in the school day far outweighs the bad.
The Hazleton Area School District has been my home for the past twelve years. In elementary and middle school I experienced excellent support from my teachers, which continued all the way through high school. Nearly every teacher I have wanted me to experience the absolute best, and always pushed me to achieve my goals.
I went to the Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences (aka the STEM school). I loved the opportunities and the variety of learning styles offer. That school does a great job with the development of college readiness and critical skills needed for life.
The slogan of this district should be - if you want to learn, you will. They offer a Career Center, a STEM school, an Arts and Humanities Academy, and the regular high school. I started in A&H were I met the majority of my friends. It fostered a close-knit community. Unfortunately, I was unable to be a part of the academy and take advance placement courses, so I switch out. The high school offers several AP courses, and every AP teacher I've had was exceptional. They made me feel well-prepared for college. However, the school certainly has its major flaws, hence why I am only giving it a three star rating. I can honestly say, I have felt fear going to school before. Students and faculty alike have been arrested and hospitalized. Fights are a weekly occurrence. We must go through metal detectors whenever we enter the school and the halls are littered with security, yet there are still incidents.
I would love to see more clubs , and more kids involved in clubs! The clubs we have have now are generic:(
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I go to the Hazleton Area High School and the school has so many kids I meet someone new every day, and I been going for 4 years. The school banned headphones which I would say is a huge disadvantage for the student. Music plays a huge part in our daily lives and it takes happiness away from us. The security guard, not all of them but some of them, are so rude and seem to not care about the student. It not all bad, most of the teachers are very caring and trying to help you the best they can. The lady are very nice. Just be nice to them and they'll be nice to you.
The school is not terrible and the lunch is ok, but not the greatest. The education is very good if you take APs and Honors Classes, but the nonhonors classes suck.
Hazleton Area High School is a great school. The teachers are so helpful and the diversity is amazing. The big population gives students a sense of what college feels like. They have great involvement for students, such as a fun student section, and fun after school activities.
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