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Hazleton Area School District Reviews

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It may be extremely overpopulated but as long as students care about their education, teachers care to give it to you. Many of the teachers are absolutely fantastic.
The STEM school has excellent Technology encouragement programs provided to students interested in these specific subjects or fields.
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I'm a student at the Hazleton Area High School. I consider the school to be very diverse; we have people from many different nationalities. The school district offers high school students various options when it comes to education, students can choose to go to a STEM school, Career center or traditional school. The only change that I will like to see in my school district is to have better technology in the class rooms. The school needs new computers and other types of technologies to earn a better learning environment.
I am a senior at Hazleton Area High School and my experience thus far has been invigorating. While many people look down on our school because a large amount of students lack motivation, the students who do have a love for learning thrive in a safe learning environment with wonderfully caring teachers.
Hazleton Area High School is very diverse in its ways, which helps to benefit students in making friends and learn about the way others believe things. It is also pretty average in its teaching ways for students, giving each and every opportunity to do their best and put in their full effort. However, this school lacks authority. Discipline is handled a lot differently than most students would like. It favors certain students rather than all students and it is unfair.
The Hazleton area school district offers many great courses to get a jump start in college and in your career path. The staff always want what's best for you and are very supportive.
This school isn't great. The food is terrible, but everyone does qualify for a free lunch. The teachers are either great or terrible, more so terrible. IT IS OVER CROWDED, way too many kids. The diversity is good and that is pretty much it. Administration can be nice no problems there. Safety is an issue, fights constantly in and outside of school.
Hazleton Area is a huge school district that has many problems. Regardless, my experience here was fine.
I would like to see the school better accept diversity as well as offer equal opportunity. However, the quality of the teachers and faculty is unmatched to any other school in the area.
I enjoy that the Hazleton Area School District has three separate high schools to chose to go to. I go to the Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences and I like it there a lot.
Hazleton Area school district is a district that has endured much change in its recent years due to an influx in immigrants in the area. The school's population is fairly diverse and there are little to no teachers who are equipped to handle ESL students nor does the administration attempt to make their students of color feel included. The few teachers that I have had the pleasure of having, however, have gone above and beyond to overcompensate for the district's neglect.
This school district is packed with flaws. The schools are overpopulated and the education is lacking. Some of the decisions that this school district has made in the past are laughable.
I loved that we as a school always came together for our sports teams. I wish some things would change by preparing us more for colleges
I’d like to see more emphasis on overall learning, not just the basics but the extra mile. I would have loved to learn more than just the basics of writing so that I didn’t have to spend endless hours in tutoring in order to receive a decent grade in college. It made me feel like an outsider in college because I didn’t share that common extra knowledge with the rest of my peers.
I attend the Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences, which is a branch of the hazleton area school district. I feel that the school made me more prepared for college, in all aspects of readiness that I would need to be. The overall atmosphere of the school is more like a college. The teachers are very willing to help one on one, and be there for students when they need the help with academics. Overall my school experience at HAAS, was extremely satisfactory.
I only went for the last two years, very nice people and faculty. Many fights and gang fights outside the school.
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I have been in the Hazleton Area School District since 1st grade and I have seen change, in a good way. As the years went on, I had he opportunity to attend a new school called Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences. The teachers and faculty there definitely prepared us for the college life. Along with that, the clubs the school offers are very educational and get most students involved.
I loved the diversity within Hazleton Area School District. The variety of people really prepared me for the real world, and I will always be thankful for that. However, some classes were not very challenging, if at all. They could have done more to prepare us for the college application process, and college itself.
I really enjoy the teacher and student relationships that form over the 4 years in Highschool. I’m very close with a lot of my past/present teachers. There are many people to meet and become friends with also. I learn very well but there can be others in the class that ruin it for the kids wanting to learn. The hallways can get really crowded when changing classes because there are so many people in one high school. Overall, I enjoyed my experience and the people I have met over the years.
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