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I'm bullied often and feel left out all the time. But I will say the staff are amazing people. Could use more communication but that is improving as the teachers get more experienced. I over all love school there other then my peers.
I like the morale of the school. The one thing I would like to see changed is, how the teachers are treated by the students.
I really didn't like much about my high school. It's a poor excuse for a school, but what do you expect from a small town? It needs to improve a whole lot. The only good thing is the long time memories and friends you make there.
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One thing that I love about Hazen is that it is so small. Our teachers are able to teach us more hands on and one to one. Whereas, in other schools your teacher may not even know you. One thing I think we need to work on as a school is the way we teach. Our teachers are made to go by the guidelines the state requires. This honestly does not help us for the ACT or prepare us for college in my opinion. I believe our school should work on its teaching techniques.
Hazen School District was very different from what I was use to. The school I went to before I came to this school was very diverse in ethnicity. However, Hazen helped me learn about becoming an adult. The college readiness at this school district is excellent. The teachers are nice and there is rarely any bad attitudes from the students.
I like that the teachers are really patient and helpful. I have went here all my life. The food needs worked on but other then that it is a great school.
Hazen is a decent school. I really like it because it's close to home. Hazen is a average school but it has most of my friends and familly there.
Hazen School District is a really small school district that focuses, in my opinion, on sports, mostly football. Hazen is very willing to miss school for pretty much any reason whatsoever. Teachers, students, and other faculty are all normally more than willing to skip school one day because the football team or the basketball team made it to State Finals after play-offs. It's because of this that students at Hazen are not even close to prepared for life after college.
I love that Hazen is in a small town. I am close to a lot of the student body. There are about 200 kids in the entire high school. I have been going here since the 5th grade and I was welcomed with open arms. The teachers are all great. Several are Hazen alumni themselves.
I like how it is a small town school, and I know everyone in the high school. It is one of the lowest paid schools in the district and I was to see the teachers get a well deserved raise.
I love attending Hazen High School, the students and staff were a great support system. The town is small and comes out to support the school no matter what event. The teachers were great at making sure we were learning to our full ability. The school could work on making education come before sports though. Like getting instead of getting a new gym we should have built all new school buildings. Also, students should not be allowed to play sports if they have a bad attitude or grades.
I love my school, but I wish it wasn't so segregated. And by that I mean between the different cliques or the last names. I would like to see it more unified. Most of the teachers are great and the secretary for the high school is amazing. All in all Hazen is a great place to go to school.
I like that the school is smaller because you get to know you're teachers a lot easier. It's more like a family then a school. Also its a small town, so everybody knows everybody and they just want the best for you and will help you along the way to make sure that you succeed. The teachers at my school actually care about the students like if they notice that your having a bad day then they'll ask you to stay after class and they'll talk to you about whatever is going on. I would hate to go to a school bigger then Hazen i feel like it wouldn't have the same family atmosphere that Hazen has. Also the teachers are really helpfully, if you don't understand something fully then they have no problem staying afters school for tutoring if you need it.
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