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Too many school board Politicians. Huge equality issue across the district. Unable to properly education students on same level despite hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on training and test taking.
My experience has been great with the district. I was at this district partially my whole life. Gives you great friend and good learning environment to be around.
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My son just recently started in the Early Childhood program this year. I'm very impressed with the school he goes to within this district. I've also been to a meeting with the superintendent present. I was very excited for the school district after this meeting. This district is definitely striving to exceed with students needs in mind!
there is very poor money management in the district and very poor spirit. the schools need better administration, better athletics, and more community engagement.
When the military moved our family here from Chicago, I was devasted because we had our daughter in an excellent private school. Given there was a possibility that I may not get a job so quickly, we decided to look at public schools in St. Louis and we chose the Hazelwood School District. They have excellent teachers, lots of resources for students, diversity in the classroom and staff. We couldn't be more pleased with how well she is doing socially and academically.
Each of the schools seems to have its own unique culture, yet contribute to cohesive district values. The teachers and leaders care about the students and their families, and the district leaders are actually parts of the community! In our last district, we never saw the superintendent in the school buildings or out in the community. I feel like the initiatives coming forth take into consideration not just my children, but with EACH child considered for every decision! Hazelwood is an absolute gem!
THings can always improve in a district this size but I have always liked the Hazelwood School District since i graduated from West High School.
What I like about my school is that there are a lot of opportunities to take classes that associates with your career. I am in a Project Lead the Way (PLTW) class that is a biomedical sciences pathway. The class is the reason why I'm so interested in that field. One thing I can change about the school is the environment. The school is pretty old to a lot of things that we use on a day to day basis is outdated.
I have enjoyed my time in Hazelwood School District. I have many wonderful teachers who have helped me along the way and cared about me and my success.
I like them but they need to send out more reminders at least a week in advance when having meetings and such. Overall they are a good district to have your child or children in. They have nice after school activities for your kids to join.
the district was decent, while there were stand out teachers at the high school I was. there was a lot of administration issue that caused several protests by many students every year I was enrolled. academically the classes weren't too hard depending on the teacher which isn't bad but isn't good either.
Hazelwood needs to learn better ways to accommodate to all students and involve everyone in different activities. The good thing about Hazelwood thought is that the students are capable of coming together and standung up for themselves and others most of the time.
During my years of attending the hazelwood school district, I enjoyed mostly being on a sports team. The team was always very close together when it came to team bonding and working together. This taught me some life lessons of team work. Aside from being on a team and working together, the team was also most of my friend group. Being on a sports team was the only great thing that about attending the Hazelwood school district. I would love to see many changes on the school for all the younger students. Better rules need to be put into place to help develop more well rounded children. Young developing minds need good nutrition in their diet as well. This is a big change I would like to see occur in the district. The food was never very good. To help better the children that are this country’s future, there needs to be better nutrition and better discipline.
I love how the security guards are serious about our safety . They are always on time when a fight breaks out or when someone is in trouble , they make it their duty to make sure everybody is safe in the building. Sometimes kids don’t be get a long and I think that the principal should start having meetings every 2nd Friday of the month to discuss any changes students want to make or something they feel isn’t right . The food could be way better , I feel as if they don’t put any effort into the food and it’s disgusting. We should be able to raise money are talk to the head of the district to make some changes about the food they are serving and what foods they could add on.
It is awful. The students and most teachers don’t care. The school is run like a prison and they building principals only promote negativity and don’t enjoy anything positive or allow anything that could bring change. The principal even comes on the announcements to nag at the students and bring up issues that are not relevant. It is a very negative place and I’m happy to only have a year left in that terrible school. I go to Hazelwood West but the whole district is corrupt and the school board does now want change they just want their six figure salaries for doing nothing. A teacher even got fired for bringing up money being stolen by an administrator.
I was enrolled at this school for the majority of my high school years (three out of four). Since I was here for a longer time, I would think that it would be more sensible to tell what I thought about my time here instead. First off, the classes were quite good. The teachers were friendly, and caring towards us. The school courses offered a lot of honors classes and even had some college-prep classes to. If you were a student who had a strong interest in the fine arts, this school had some options for it. They even had a club called the NAHS or National Arts Honors Society. Secondly, It was pretty nice that they had vending machines and a snack bar in the cafeteria as well. It was also nice to know that if you needed help, you could go to the counselors office and get things from the pantry or just talk to someone about anything. My family and I were hitting some rough patches, so it was nice to know that the school could assist with our tough times.
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I had a phenomenal experience with the Hazelwood School District because they provided staff that desired for their students to excel in all areas of their lives. This helped provide students with a safe environment where they felt open to exploring new and trivial learning experiences.
I liked being able to communicate with people and gaining new friends. The teachers were also helpful. Only thing changed is how strict some rules are
I was a student in this district from 6th-12th grade. I would say that my time at these middle and highschools were fair. I would like to see more support for the schools in the community and more scholarship opportunities
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