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Hazel Park Public Schools Reviews

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I have grown up in Hazel Park since the beginning of my time. As the years have gone by some things have changed, but not all for the common good. Although, there has been numerous good changes to the community, and I couldn't imagine growing up in a different area. The people here have shared a great bond with me, and we have made some great memories. Imagining to play for other school teams, or sitting in their classrooms is unrealistic. Therefore, Hazel Park has given me the best experience of high school that they could possibly provide.
The city of Hazel Park is very compact and tight-knit, so everybody grew up together. Which is quite nice considering it can be very hard to make friends in a bigger school/neighborhood. Hazel Park High School has a welcoming atmosphere, but the food is horrid and the school is falling falling. Most of the school's money is used on the sports teams, and little money goes to the arts programs, like band/marching band or just regular art classes. Back to the food, students find flies in the salads, mold on the fruit or in the marinara dipping sauce. Almost every big building has cockroaches but at our school, you see one quite often just scurrying around the hallways. The school has no attendance policy, so kids that show up late to class everyday don't get truancy charges. In the bathrooms, most of the toilets don't work, tiles missing off the floors. Just bad all around
What they had offered for the students there and the teachers and I will like see change maybe get a little better in cleaning the building
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Ive been going to Hazel park highschool for four years And honestly the school has got worse over time
I like how most of the teachers go above and beyond to make sure you are successful in life. Throughout my journey at Hazel Park I'd have to admit I very rarely saw the principal but that could be because I haven't been a known problem child. Other than that I think it is an all around good school and great environment for learning.
I've been in hazel park schools since middle school and i've learned so much, one thing id like to see change would be class sizes when there are too many kids in one class its hard to get one on one help
I loved the student body. This school provided me with so many outside resources. The Learning curriculum has improved. The staff have became more involved with the students. This school district has added security to the high school and made it a safe learning community.
I like that they allow us to have some AP classes but it is a small school with crowded hallways and terrible food and kids with terrible attitudes.
I like that we do have an art program unlike some other schools. We do have opportunities to go to CASA or O-Tech. We DO NOT have ANY clubs at all which sucks. All we have is sports and not many at that.
The administration has no idea what it's doing. They should just listen to suggestions of the student body.
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