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Haywood County Schools lacks in funds and it's underpaid teachers, who are trying their best, are stretched far too thin and are unable to help their students in the way that they want to. Majority of teachers and administrators have the best of intentions but are held back by the common core as well as the constant standardized tests that take away from instructional time. Textbooks, desks, and even projector remotes are in short supply making it difficult for teachers to do their job.
More interaction in the classroom, switching up the way material is taught. Playing more games and using resources which make it fun to learn. More instructional movies, reading out loud and fun homework. Learning does not have to be straight forward and right out of a book but can be taught in more beneficial ways which interest the learner.
Over all I have had a wonderful experience with Haywood Community College. Haywood's campus is beautiful surrounded with nature, staff does a very good job at answering and types of questions you have, Teachers do there best to give you one on one help, and there are many tutoring opportunities; even proof reading help for essays during certain times throughout the week (which is very helpful to me!!!). I have never felt like I am completely on my own or alone at HCC. This College makes me feel welcome!
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It's been very good. All my teachers have been very personal and since you're growing up in a smaller school/town, all the teachers know you by name and are very helpful with any situation. Wish we did have more access to technology as that is a area we are lacking in.
Love Haywood County Schools. Teachers love what they do and are dedicated to their students. And I love how the whole county supports the kids for football! Just wish they supported the rest of the sports and athletes as well.
As a recent graduate, I believe that while I'm prepared for some things, I'm definitely not ready for others.
This is only my second year going to a Haywood county school and I feel like it is overall a good school. Of course kids don't really like going to school and they always hate it for some reason, but I feel like there are also many positives in the school system. I feel like the teachers here are fairly good teachers and that most of them are truly here to help the students and not just to get a pay check. I feel like athletics and other activities are very well organized and get a lot of support. Finally, yes every school could get some upgrades, but overall, they are in pretty good shape.
I love the teachers of Haywood County Schools. I also love the endless number of clubs and the freedom to join sport teams. Haywood County schools also support diversity which expands students learning opportunities.
The staffing is mostly helpful, but like any other human, they are flawed. Not everything is professional, and it is hard to relay information. The schools are fairly clean, yet there are minor exceptions. The diversity is not strong, but everyone is welcomed. Sports are the highlight of the school, especially football. The food is definitely unhealthy. Parents are somewhat involved as well. I do not think that they prepared me for college, though.
I think Haywood County Schools do a great job to car, and prepare kids for the testing that the state requires. I think they let the kids have fun but maintain a good respectful relationship with their discipline.
The staff where very dedicated and we're always nice I even had a math teacher stay after and help me with my math. The lunch food could use some work.
Haywood County Schools has several different school. I have went to four of them. During my time here I have found several good things and several bad things about the school system. The system is lucky to have so many great teachers, and I believe the school system does not appreciate their teachers enough. Along with this, there have been several situations, not at my high school, but at others where the schools system did not react to situations well. At one school, there was a probably with bullying of a gay trans-gendered student who used the opposite genders bathroom to avoid bullying. Instead of addressing the bullying they allowed students to have a anti guy rally on campus, and they allowed the student to use the teachers restrooms.
As a current student, it is easy to only see one side of the picture, mine. I think that there are quality things about this school system, but there are still a lot of things that should be improved upon.
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