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Haywood County School District Reviews

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I enjoyed the effort the teachers put into seeing their students succeed. The teachers often offer free tutoring with no problem. I wish the new online program that is required of the students to complete would be modified into something simpler
The Haywood County School District is a very good school system. I am a graduate myself as well as the mother of a graduate and a student currently in school. The teachers and administrators have always been caring and knowledgeable.
The teachers are great and you will learn plenty if you pay attention, but the schools are falling apart and some have bug problems, bullying is another big problem all the way up to high schools
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I liked the variety of clubs and career paths offered at the schools, but I dislike the lack of diversity and ignorance of the people around.
My experience at Hayward county has been full life lessons . The county always sticks together no matter the situation. We support our sports regardless if we lose or win . The school administrators makes sure that the students are safe at all all times .
Good Experience. You must apply yourself and work hard. The opportunities
ARE AVAILABLE SO it is important to stay focus and seek to improve each year. Many of the are willing to go the extra mile but they cannot do it for you. I had it to do over again I would not run the challenge to be a better students. I understand why we are being pushed to work hard and not seek the easy way out. It is all about preparation and focus day by day. In the real world life is tough and there are so many ways to fail,but with the correct attitude and hard work anything is possible.
I loved the school district. i would like too see a change with the teachers that make it hard on althetes and want to see there students fail
Haywood High give students opportunities to challenge yourself. I would like to see a better staff and more freedom and opportunities.
The teachers are great. The campus could be worked on and the food is horrible. But the sports programs are great . The administration works well to get what you need.
It is a good school district. I just wish they can help students get a little more prepared for college.
Haywood County Schools are great! They have a lot opportunitys for you and they a lot of community service. They connect with you in ways that make you feel like a family.
My experience with Haywood County schools was a great one. The teachers I had contact with were very concerned about your academics. The change I would like to see is more offers in the technical field.
Haywood High School is a great school. The teachers are always willing to go out of their way to help a student in need. The student body is close friendship wise. The administration staff is always there to help the students and give advice. The guidance counselors are awesome, always there to listen to each student and help he or she prepare for college.
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