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Hayward Unified School District Reviews

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They are really supportive of the students but you have to be persistent to get what you want. They enjoy hearing students voices and seeing what they care about. They also try to provide for all the schools and their needs.
There were many things to like from being a student for the Hayward Unified School District, however there were many things that were bad about it as well, for instance many of campuses in the district are in poor shape due to many years the schools have been around for that calls for much needed change. In addition, to this the teachers in the district are not all well trained to be teachers I have had many negative experiences with teachers who just came to work for the pay check and had no real drive or passion to be teaching.
The staff and workers are very nice and try their best to make the school a better place. The students however make it hard to do so making the schools not as good as they could be.
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I like how they have ELD classes while none of the other schools don't. They care about the students' immigration status. People there are friendly and always caring.
Although the Hayward Unified School District system is progressing, my time enrolled with the district hasn't been the best. I've experienced racial tension between teachers and students, careless teachers, and unappealing school environment
I am really happy with my district because I basically spend half my life with it. I am excited to actually go into college a represent my district and show them what they actually made me into. I have no words of me leaving just because I know ill miss it and all the amazing teachers that I had class in. I want to make not only my family proud but also the district because they were wonderful in my experience. They had amazing resources that really help me into getting my head into college. They have many amazing program and clubs that help you also for college and prepare us for it. I am in soccer and Avid and I really can manage my time really good with the great system of the school.
I’ve been in the Hayward unified school district for my entire school career. Thought the years it has improved with staff and facility. The education as well has improved over time depending on the school and teachers.
The many people you meet there are absolutely amazing. There are teachers there that you will honestly never forget. Unfortunately, some of those teachers are not adequate at their job– though there are only a few of them. There are many police and staff guarding and walking around, however, they’re there for a reason. There are many students smoking in the bathroom and getting away with it, fights that don’t get broken apart fast enough and students leaving school without getting caught. Don’t get me wrong, most students are good. The good students, which are quite a lot, truly care about their grades and go absolutely above and beyond. So although the school may not seem so great, the certain aspects can really take your child farther into their future than you would think.
The diverse community we have in Hayward is absolutely amazing. Hayward is a sanctuary for all and I feel safe to be myself. But what needs to change is the time and effort that is put into each class. In my high school the math department is very poor. There's also many classes were there are only temporary substitutes and all the students may not have failed the class but the students aren't learning and that's how they fail.
I like that this district pays attention to parents and what they have to say. They have a lot of diversity and support every child in what they do.
The Hayward Unified School District is not some top tier district where many high ranked colleges look at. They are the underdogs, yet I’ve seen many students make do with what they are given and show that they can be just as smart and successful as students from other districts. HUSD lacks some resources and opportunities, however the people there are strong and determined and will do what it takes to get what they need.
I love the diversity in Hayward Unified. We definitely are not the richest district which is why we lack resources yet we still make it work. There is definitely a lot of money that goes towards sports for example new fields.Throughout my 4 years at Tennyson High School i have seen improvement when it comes to resources so i have lots of hopes.
I like the way teachers nurture critical thinking into their students. However, I'd liked to see the district invest more fund into schools whose student body is mainly low income and minorities.
overall great district. could be better. school buildings are falling apart. the classrooms at Tennyson high school are literally splitting in half. the air vents in some classrooms possibly have mold creating a horrible smell.
The classes do not feel like they prepare students for bvb the rogue of college work and some teachers seem to set students up to fail. Fights happen to often and the frequency of tardy sweeps makes it feel like it's a prison. Average experience in the American public school as far as I know. The district needs more money to go to the schools in order to better its academics and set the students up for success.
The concept of equal opportunity always varies from equal outcomes. Of course all students may be entitled to free education, but not in terms of quality. I was lucky enough to be enrolled in the Hayward Unified School District my entire life until 2016. Located in an average area and away from luxurious accommodations, HUSD showed me to embrace not only my culture, but several others due to the diverse community. Yes, our schools were not the most prestigious due to lack of funding, but we made it welcoming with our respect for cultures. Moreover, my district made minorities feel like the majority making acts of racism rare. My mom participated in the Parent Teacher Association and I was able to see teachers and administration sharing the passion to help students succeed no matter their struggles or backgrounds. HUSD always had several resources for the best interest of the students, but just needs boost in funding and more parent participation to be a great school district.
I loved the sense of family that everyone let out, you grow up with people who live in the same environment as you. Schools were falling apart, a rat fell out of the ceiling to my feet in a hallway. There is a hallway that had mice, so teachers would make us sweep after every class. None of my classrooms have heaters so we all freeze in the classrooms.
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My experiences at Hayward Unified School District have been good. Some things that maybe should be changed is the food that is being given in the cafeterias.
I like how they celebrate minority’s and host the Latino Recognition Awards and the African American Awards.
Everything is pretty good with this school, some teachers kinda suck when it comes to teaching because they have their own way but overall everyone is pretty friendly . The diversity here is such a big thing that’s nice to be around which is also great .
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