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Something that I liked about Hayward Unified School District is it is very diverse in culture and there are programs for ethnicity groups to succeed in school. Something that I would like to see change is better support inside the schools.
Some teachers actually want to help you succeed but most are just there for the money. Any girls sports does not get as much recognition/ funding than the boys sports. The school itself is well kept up but there are holes in roofs of the hallways and classrooms so rainwater will get inside.
Overall I have lived in Hayward my whole life and do not have personal experience with other school districts, although I have heard on the news many things and have to say the Hayward Unified school district has one of the neatest and most organized schools i know.
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I think every teacher I had, had an impact on my life. I felt like I really learned what I was supposed to and I was always encouraged to keep learning outside of the classroom. This inspired me to read everything I could and that has helped me decide what I want to be in life.
I love the teachers and staff! Everyone is nice but the facility needs a lot of renovation. The teachers are mostly passionate about what they teach and their students and I love that.
I have been brought up on the Hayward Unified School District. From K-12 and all of college I have been educated close to my home. I'd appreciate the ability to continue education here but I need help financially. HUSD had helped me get through some rough patches of life, such as puberty, first sport, first achievement earned from the Hayward City Hall, and first admission into a CSU. Education is the stepping stone to any career choice. I believe that my education here could have been improved in high school. I graduated from Tennyson High School and strongly believe that indeed of being focused so aggressively on sports we could have encouraged more students to go to college. I believe the college and career center and AVID really helped me get into college. And for that I thank the system!
Well, some schools have great curriculum while others don't so, I would like to see all schools have the same so the students attending any school will have the same opportunity as others. Also, every school has an ambassador that's elected every year and there given an chance to change something in the school that would make the school better. The bad thing about it is that its only if the people in the Hayward Unified School District will like it, and they really don't see the need while in a student's perspective it might me really important. In my point there should be a certain amount given to each school to fix those things no matter what. I know there are many changes needed in schools. I went to an elementary school in which when we had to go to the bathroom more precisely to remove feces from our body the door for the toilet would be broken, so students will walk in and laugh because the would see you and your lower body naked and laugh at you.
A lot of AP Classes were offered here, which helped to further my education. There are many clubs and activities offered to the students. Tutoring is largely available to students for regular-paced classes; however, there aren't enough tutors for higher level courses like Calculus. Some issues would be using drugs which can be seen in bathrooms and constant school fights. The bathrooms seem like they are always closed as a result of drug usage, meaning that there is usually one one bathroom open for the entire large campus to a student. This school district is very diverse as it is in the Bay Area.
I've had my fair share of bad teachers and administrators throughout attending
Harder Elementary, Winton Middle School, and Hayward High school. Although there have been some amazing teachers as well. I also think HUSD (especially Hayward high) are doing a pretty good job at managing the issues that rise with the Covid-19 pandemic.
I liked how the teachers and counselors really connected with the students. But, they were not organized enough with some things.
You know it’s a good school but you have to figure out your way around it a little bit. No one is gonna tell you to do this or that everything is kind of up to you. You have to go out of your way to make the best of yourself. The teachers are awesome I would say. But it’s the best for academics I feel like I don’t learn as much or enough as i would want to. You have to work very hard in a school like this. The students are very humble and creative here though we sure have such an amazing bind a school spirit which is fun. Everyone gets a chance to play sports here literally which is awesome. Overall not best or the worst school.
Hayward High is VERY diverse, especially because it is the Bay Area, it was an average high school. I was never a kid to get picked on or get bullied so I did not experience this at Hayward High. Even though I did not experience bullying i did witness bullying and fights at least 2-3 times a week, sometimes even multiple times a day. I also did notice alot of drugs/smoking going unnoticed by the staff, but what can you do about this its ultimately the students choice. Thee staff and security are very supportive and not hard to reach out to. I could/ have gotten help from many staff members without even knowing them, they're a good resource. I felt safe at this school and all my needs were satisfied.
I think they should start taking most situations more seriously I don’t think they handle them appropriately, they sort of just brush it off
High school counselors really need to do a better job of explaining college options. Offer community college information, only state and uc schools are presented as options. There isn't good communication at school as far as opportunities or sports information. Staff is very lackluster.
There were a lot of clubs that I could join and many of the staff pushed the students to do their best. The counselors were also very good at being open to discuss any questions students have and direct the students to go to the right direction. I liked how there were a lot of resources for the students, like the college and career center and we also had a health van. Many students who were struggling with stress and mental illnesses also had resources to help them too.
I love Hayward high school because of it's diversity. It's a school that accepts everybody regardless of color, ethnicity, origin. I transferred there as a junior coming from another country and I thought it would be hard to adjust but the fact of the matter is that I had fun adjusting to the environment of Hayward high and everyone I met was friendly and welcoming of me.
The teachers are truly amazing. But, the admin at several high schools choose to punish kids for no absolute reason.
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In my experience from teachers I've had and other faculty this district is a community. There is a real sense of family within each of the schools I've attended and its made my career as a student go so much more smoother than if i had gone to school in any other district.
Hayward Unified School District takes good care of students from all types of backgrounds and demonstrates diversity at its finest.
The Hayward unified school district has amazing teachers . The teachers in my experience have been caring , and very helpful in learning a subject . Teachers genuinely care for the student wanting them to achieve a better future . Regarding my readiness for college , I feel that that is an area they need to work on . I am about to graduate , and I feel like could have had more guidance regarding different colleges .
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