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I loved the sense of family that everyone let out, you grow up with people who live in the same environment as you. Schools were falling apart, a rat fell out of the ceiling to my feet in a hallway. There is a hallway that had mice, so teachers would make us sweep after every class. None of my classrooms have heaters so we all freeze in the classrooms.
My experiences at Hayward Unified School District have been good. Some things that maybe should be changed is the food that is being given in the cafeterias.
I like how they celebrate minority’s and host the Latino Recognition Awards and the African American Awards.
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Everything is pretty good with this school, some teachers kinda suck when it comes to teaching because they have their own way but overall everyone is pretty friendly . The diversity here is such a big thing that’s nice to be around which is also great .
Here in Hayward I found a lot of diversity and I feel save here. The teachers are very good with the studenst and help us a lot with questions that we have about college. The only thing that I do not like about the schools is that te good is not healthy and sometimes is cold and good at all.
My experience in Hayward Unified School district has been great because our community and schools are diverse than others. What I liked was how we get together as a community through school programs and talk about the differences and similarities we have to create a Hayward foundation. I would like to see change is that our schools need to be noticed more in academics.
Hayward High has a lot of helpful staff who are willing to spend their time in order to ensure your success. It has made an effort to move into online work, however the school lacks computers/laptops. Newer technology would greatly improve the school and its education.
I have been apart of the Hayward Unified School District my whole life and I can whole-heartedly say that I have had the best experience here. The teachers care about their students and want us to succeed. I feel that I have grown tremendously as a student because of them.
Just a few notes:
Just like any other school district...there are good teachers,and bad ones. They should remodel the school and have better lunches!!! The school has a lot of Hispanics/Latinos (over 50%). There aren’t many fights here, id say it’s a pretty decent school.
The district does not place the correct amount of funding needed for certain school problems. This includes safety which really disappoints me. Though I do see some instructors that care about their students a lot.
The admin should focus more on school safety. I also feel that there should be more parent involvement in schools.
I like how diverse it is as you don't see this kind of diversity in other districts. I did not like that it received very little funding.
The district doesn't allow for much change. There aren'y many opportunities for students to pursue which only discourages students. The schools within the district are old, filthy, and poorly funded. I hope future students receive much more support from the school district.
Being apart of the varsity basketball team made me feel like I belonged at school. It was a family I could count on and trust. Alongside this liked how certain teachers truly wanted me to succeed
I graduated as the Salutatorian of Tennyson High School in Hayward Unified. While the academics soar beyond par in this school district, the infrastructure is in dire need of an upgrade. Nonetheless, it is a place where one can be shaped to withstand any obstacle in life, and it is a place that has made me worthy of now being an incoming freshman to Princeton University.
My experience in Hayward Unified School District was ok, not perfect but not bad. Academics wise the school is pretty good on making sure students are learning.
I liked the way many schools are in their education, but I would like to see a change in the safety of each school of the district.
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I love the diversity!! And how everyone is really united. We don’t make others feel less but what we do is uplift each other and is always there for one another. As a community and in our schools the people within the Hayward unified school district always try to find a way to help students no matter what.
Experience throughout the District of Hayward unified has been a heck of a ride, beginning with kindergarten and still going on the ride all the way through senior year. What this district has taught me is that there is a lot of diversity all around the world especially in the Bay Area.
I enjoy what the Hayward Unified School District does despite the lack of funding the school district has. At school, I am in an environment where I could learn and I am with others who take initiative in their learning. However, the facilities at my school are not up to date with the curriculum being taught. The bathroom tiles at my school are on the verge of falling apart and the choir program is performing in a cafeteria instead of a performing art stage. I want to be in an environment where I am not fearful that something is going to drop upon me. Additionally, the school district should fund such like resume workshop, college application workshop, and budgeting workshops so the students are better prepared when going into the workforce or college.
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