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Hayward Community School District Reviews

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The school is decent in teaching your general academics and push for you to get involved in clubs and sports. Sadly many of those clubs and sports are under funded because most of the funding goes to the football team. Our arts department is poorly funded and have to constantly improvise to teach the kids. School isn't very diverse. Mainly consists of white and native students with small percentages of other races. Some teachers go above and beyond in their job to teach the kids while some of them have too much ego. I was able to survive it and hopefully they can get a referendum to fund what they need.
Very good school system. Good teacher/student ratio. Excellent curriculum per class size. Excellent athletic program. Wonderful community involvement and extra-curricular involvment for each season of the year. Teachers are involved with the parent for positive feedback for good progression on the educational needs of your children.
I have had very good experience with this school district. They have worked well with me with my daughter that doesn't read very well and needs extra help.
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The hayward community school district is great. It's just a school but a family. Teachers, staff and students will remain lifelong friends!
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