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Hays Consolidated Independent School District Reviews

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I have overall had an okay education, but there are plenty of changes that could be made. A lot of teachers are unqualified to be working at these schools. There are lots of students who are unmotivated.
I've been attending this district for four years and I have the upmost respect for some of the employees.
its been good but some of the teachers get on my nerves bashing christians and talking about things not relating to our lessons.
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Overall, the school was a generally safe and welcoming place to attend academically. They thrive when it comes to sports and upper-level academic classes. Some stereotypical issues would rise over the years, but no serious bullying or discrimination occurred while I was there. The staff wanted the best for us, both in curriculum and safety.
It’s a very good district with very good diversity and amazing teachers that help you a lot.It has grown a lot over the past years since I moved here.There is more people now but more schools are opening each year with better programs to help students succeed in the future.
Honestly my experience could have been worse, I buckled down and worked hard throughout my school years and I'm in college now. If there's really one thing I wish I'd had more of, it would have been funding for the arts, but HAYSCISD reeeaaaallly cares about their football.
As the Kyle/Buda area expanded, so did the need for more schools under the Hays Consolidated Independent School District. The number of elementary schools was fitting for the number of children spread across both Kyle and Buda. But as those kids go to middle and then high school, space starts to diminish. While one high school had enough room for students to walk without bumping into another student, the other high school's students were shoulder to shoulder everytime they need to go to their next period. Another noticeable trait of the high schools is that they are very different. The high school that is on the side of the highway where it is predominately white has better teachers, better athletic teams, and a nicer building over all. The opposite high school has a large minority student body, more instances of drop outs, and sports team that usually lose. The difference in these schools in large and is known to anyone who lives within the Hays CISD School District.
I have lived around this area for a while, man let me tell you all. Hays Consolidated Independent School District is one of the best. The District always listens to what you have to say, so if i was asked to change something i would not change a thing.
I moved here before my 7th grade year. Now I'm approaching the end of my junior year. I've really enjoyed Hays because of the people and the events that are hosted such as Relay for Life, and lil fundraisers they have for us students.
Hays CISD is a great school district but I think we need to improve the quality of the teaching and have more options of classes to take that relate to our career.
Hays is a great school district. Teachers here strive to provide the best education for students from all walks of life.
I like the support the District has for different races and ethnicities. Diversity levels in Hays CISD are out of the roof and with this we have received very much support from the officials in the district. The growing support for the mariachi program is a grand improvement in Central Texas.
In my opinion, my education has been great with excellent schools, unfortunately, I am one of the few who can say this. My high school, well, it isn’t exactly excellent, but it is better than the other highschool which is located down the street. Something that I would definitely like to see a change in is the high schools. As I said, my high school is better than the other and while you may think that it sounds like a good school, our graduation rate from Hays High School is about 60%. I would say that that is a very sorry percentage. I hope to see changes and improvements for the high schools and the high schools to come, in order to better benefit the upcoming classes. After all, the children are the future. Don’t we deserve proper education? Wouldn’t you want the people running your country or even your home town to be well educated?
Hays was a fun school district with a lot of culture and character. Many of our parents went here before us, which simply led to a deeper connection to the schools.
I have had a great experience in Hays CISD, however, there are times when I do not feel very challenged academically speaking.
The teachers and counselors were wonderful. They always encouraged me to go above and beyond in everything I did. If it weren't for them, I would not be salutatorian. However, the administration is shady; it is quite evident that money is the primary concern, and Hays High School is certainly favored over Lehman High School.
I have lived in this district my whole life. I have had really no issues with any of the school and when I did it was resolved quickly. Teachers very involved, family environment, involved in the community. High school was one for the books, there was great programs that allowed us students to get our feet wet in many future career paths.Athletic programs were always fun to go out and support our school and show pride in who we are. I am very proud to be an alumni.
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The Hays CISD school district is very average. The sports are mediocre and academics are fair. I feel other schools could have prepared me better for college.
I would like to see the school promote acceptance, and outside the box thinking. I feel like our school is very career based, and I know there is more to our future than just getting a job. I would like to see more community service opportunities, or leadership development opportunities as well (not just for National Honors Society people).
I love everyone's spirit for the school. Everyone is always happy about what school they go to. I f they have a football game, an they lose they will show support. I also like that the teachers actually care about their students future in life.
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