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Hawthorne is a safe and fun environment. Hawthorne Administration are highly involved with the various academies they offer at their school. Students are exposed and prepare for their future careers by being hands on in many projects.
Something I like about my school is that I feel safe. There is always security people areound the school and everyone is really friendly. I would like for the food to change since we get the same food every single day and it is not good.
I went to the best and only high school in the Hawthorne School District. Hawthorne Math and Science Academy really took education seriously and set me on a path to success by taking the time to individually help out each student.
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I liked the atmosphere the school provided as well as easy relationships that can be formed between teacher and student. It was a very enjoyable and memorable experience since teachers and other staff are relatable too. You can actually sit down and have a conversation with your teacher either about school or things you share in common. The district really focuses on building a community with the parent, student, and staff to help better the school. The food wasn't that good
Hawthorne School District provides its students with lots of resources and is always supporting each student with anything possible. All my teachers since Elementary School up to this date have been very good teachers. They have helped me succeed and have helped me when I struggled in a subject. I've been part of the Hawthorne School District my whole life and I know that they have done a lot for me. Because of all my teachers I know that I will succeed in college. One thing they could improve in is the food. They give the same thing every week and each year I feel like it gets worse. They ned better quality food.
The district hires mostly teachers who care about student success but have access to few recourses for them because of funding.
Overal a good school has good students with great teachers.School has tons of college resources academies clubs and programs.However does need some improvememt with in the students their is a lack off school spirit.School is clean however students tend to not pick up after themselves causeing seagels to fly around campus often during lunch time.
I am graduating High School and I am anxious to continue my studies at CSUDH. My triplet sister, brother and I came to the United States from Egypt when I was nine years old; I was in Hawthorne School District from fifth grade until twelfth grade. I went to Washington Elementary School, Bud Carson Middle School and Hawthorne Math and Science Academy High School. Because in Washington Elementary School I was scared since it was my first year of education in the United States, Mr. Gonzalez helped me to overcome my fear from school. In Bud Carson Middle School, Mr. Lanzer improved my study habits and my reading habits. In Hawthorne Math and Science Academy High School, Mrs. Jordan taught me how to overcome stress by time management. Also, my English teacher, Mr. Jahnke, helped me to improve my writing and vocabulary skills. Hawthorne School District teachers made me a better person by changing my study habits and improve my skills.
I really enjoyed how involved the parents are. The problem is resources provided to the students. They prepare you for college. The school food is revolting sometimes but other times great.
I love the involvement of parents and teachers. The teachers at Hawthorne High will not give up on any student and wishes to see them succeed. I would like to see a change in management. The Internal Baccalaureate program was cut, leaving students such as myself disappointed and having to search for other schools, classes.
In Hawthorne High School, they currently have AVID that prepares you for college. I'm currently in my second year in AVID and it has been the greatest choice I have done. My teacher had guided me through all of difficulties that every college student has during their journey. The only thing I would have to chase would have to be how many classes there is. In my year there is only 3 classes containing 36 students. That's 108 students out of 600 students that are advised to do the right thing to do to get to college. There are other students that desire to be in AVID but due to the lack of space they are not able to take the class that can guide them into college.
I went to leuzinger high school and I loved it there. It is a great school and I really felt that I belonged there.
I have a unique perspective o the Hawthorne School district since I am fairly new to the environment. They need to improve many things.
I like that the Hawthorne School District focuses on college preparation by implementing rigorous high school courses and additional help for those who need it to reach their goals. However, I would like to see the availability of resources increase so that students have what they need to succeed.
Hawthorne School District is a very good school district. The facilities and staffs are very nice. It is a college going District. They
always strive for the best of their students.
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