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Hawthorne Board of Education Reviews

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Hawthorne is a small town with a big town feel. The families (parents, single parents, grandparents) of the children in our school systems are a tremendous support to the growth of our school system. Our PTO raises money for bleachers, lockers, and PA systems to name a few. I would like a more varied curriculum to be available. A larger variety of language options would be my first recommendation as my daughter can't understand why she can't take latin. Overall...a great town to raise my children.
This school always has something going on, whether it is a school dance or any type of athletics. You will never be bored at this school. They offer many kinds of classes and have multiple ways for kids to get involved with the school.
Great experience - great school - great environment to learn and prepare for collage.
Excellent staff always very helpful.
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Enjoy our small town community. Overall good experience. Teachers are always available for support. Athletic facilities continue to be updated through community involvement and support
HHS has fell behind in the last decade or so. If you are popular you will do well as far as grades go but that doesn't really prepare you for college. I found out the hard way. Also the student body is extremely clique. My cousin moved out of town solely because of the school system. The school rank seems to drop every year and nothing is being done about it.
My experience at Hawthorne High School has been very positive. I am involved in a variety of activities including Volleyball, Softball, SHARE, and many other clubs. My academic courses are rigorous, challenging and have laid a foundation for me to succeed in college.
I love HHS a lot of my friends went to Private schools. I made the choice to stay with my home town Public school and love it here. Everybody knows everybody and its like a nice small town school. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else
I enjoy Hawthorne High School. I have so many friends who are amazing and I never would have met without choosing this high school. The teachers are all pretty great and I have a great time in most of my classes.
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