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Hawley Independent School District Reviews

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Great school, with great teachers and students! I have been a student here since kindergarten, and will graduate in 2 years. Teachers are always willing to go the extra mile to help you with anything you need. We have a great athletic program and other clubs, such as math club and army club.
I loved being a part of Hawley ISD. The teachers are so supportive and loving towards all students. I am so thankful I was able to spend 12 years here.
I grew up in Hawley, Tx. I attended Hawley my whole school career. All of the teachers care about their students and how they are learning. It is a small school that is growing every year, but the principles are still the same.
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My experience here at Hawley had it's ups and downs. Hawley has been my home town but I am beyond ready to leave it behind. I think Hawley should and could do a lot of things differently than how they do them. For example I think the only reason I am prepared for college is because I've taken dual credit if it wasn't for that I do not think I'd be prepared at all. In all of middle school and some of highschool I got bullied for stuff that I can not control (skin color, origin, ethnicity, etc) this honestly has shaped me into the person I am today I am a lot stronger because of it so in a way I am thankful for that because I learned that what other people think of me does not matter. Hawley has amazing teachers who genuinely care for us students.
This is one of the worst schools I have ever seen. The kids are overly-religious but jobs who have never stepped foot outside of the region,the teachers refuse to teach the curriculum,and there is basically no diversity at all. There is a lack of readiness for the real world,and that is because most of the students and faculty either go or are from the same 4 universities, and then proceed to come back to the town. It's a cycle of mediocrity. I urge you to never step foot near this school, or you'll regret.
The teachers are really friendly and are always there to help you! You have very small classes, so it's great for a homey feel. Most of the kids are nice, but what school doesn't have some bad kids. Hawley is a pretty poor campus, so there isn't a lot of extracurricular classes. They focus to much on sports, especially football. The cafeteria food is not that good, mainly because they have to follow the Federal food calorie count, so it sucks! But, overall it was a really nice experience with the faculty and duel-credit opportunities, which is extremely nice! I totally recommend going to Hawley, it has its quirks, but every school has them.
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