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I love the aloha that is within this department. Every one gets along so well and they are very friendly. I would like to see more action within this department. There are problems that are brought up and no action to follow.
I like the efforts put into the events made to liven up the school and campus, and try to get students involved. The school traditions we have like the quarterly lip syncs, and especially may day are one of my favorite parts of our school system. I think when the culture of a location is respected and represented in schools it's students will be more willingly active. However, I believe that schools are mainly college prep focused and serve more in educating their students for college, and not primarily life. This is a big part of our education system that can and should be changed. The position of expecting and relying on the parents or guardians of a student to educate their child on adult life responsibilities is a failing point; and I believe schools should prepare students to be more of a "successful" law abiding able to be productive citizen, then a possibly college student that can solve formulas but not pay taxes.
Hawaii DOE is pretty sufficient, but I believe it has a lot of room for improvement, especially in the food category. It honestly depends on the school as well, parts of the island has better schools while others are quite poor. The Hawaii DOE needs to make sure that all Hawaii schools receive financial aid to promote academics, sports etc. and create a better environment over all for the students.
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I went to a school full of diversity. It was a blessing and a curse. I found myself unsure at times, but comfortable other times. Overall I didn't love or hate my experience, it was average and uneventful.
System level of education within the schools that are controlled by the Hawaii Department of Education is overall a well-performing school system. Within the schools would have most certainly noticeable and numerous amount of diversity within the students attending the schools. Of course, each student's unique aspects and culture is accepted and welcomed by this department. From my personal experience, the teachers and staff members are supportive through struggles that students might be fighting against. When I would ask for advice on improving quality of work, the teachers that I've discussed with were always willing to assist in matters such as this. A specific case of assistance from one of my teachers can be considered kind; my Language Arts teacher would check up on my current emotion to make sure that I'm okay. The welcoming of diversity, lovely teachers are experienced within William McKinley High school which is administered by the Hawaii Department of Education.
It was normal, don’t really have anything else to compare it to. So I would say it seems like your average system compared to what could possibly be out there. Not very life changing but decent to get your credits and get out of school.
I have had a lot of experience with HDOE, as I was born and raised in Hawaii. The education in Hawaii as a whole is lacking in many different ways. The teachers are not paid as much as they should be, and complaints by both teachers and students about anything are not listened to. This leads to teachers that do not focus on making school a positive experience for kids, and I have seen many children and teenagers over the years lose hope in the american system of education, which saddens me. I think first off, teachers and staff members in Hawaii's education should be given more strength by the HDOE, then students will gain more knowledge happily, and also earn better resources.
This school system certainly has its flaws. There has been many scandals and violent threats that aren't necessarily dealt with in a legitimate manner. This ranges from primary, intermediate and secondary schools. The teachers as well, though there are magnificent ones, a good group do not provide positive environments for size does not fit all when it comes to education and that seems to be the mindset.

On another note, Hawaii is finally starting to answer calls of the public, and are completely altering the school lunches. Starting at Mililani High School is the "Farm to Table Initiative" bringing in fresh foods from local farms and steering away from frozen and processed meals.
Coming into the Hawaii Department of Education, I loved the experience from the beginning. With the amount of diversity and culture it offers, the department of education gives you many point of views to open up your min and experiences for your future, giving you great education and amazing possibilities.
Hawaii Department of Education for the most part is great. But I feel that the education they offer may not be enough to get us ready for the real world. We should have a life skills class that talks about motivation, self achievement, setting goals and conquering them, etc. Rather than giving us tests and quizzes and expecting that to determine what kind of person you are or where you'll end up in life. When kids learn positive and relatable material in school, it makes them eager and motivated to come to school and I felt that our department of education had to except the fact that in order to see these kids achieve and excel in life, then the D.O.E needs to fit the kids needs.
My experience with the Hawaii Department of Education has been a very positive one. I have been a student of HIDOE for the past six years, and I have gained so much knowledge about all core subjects and about life itself. No one is ever ousted because of race because most schools in Hawaii are very diverse. The only thing I can negatively say about HIDOE is Air Conditioner units are needed in all schools. If it was not for this, my rating would most definitely be five stars.
I like how they are always making changes and testing different solutions to problems we have here in Hawaii with education.
My overall experience with the Hawaii DOE has been fairly mild. Personally, my teacher and student relationships have greatly helped me in advancing my knowledge and level. Although, I also had downfalls. Facilities, administration, and overall tools for college readiness needs to be improved.
The teachers are kind and caring, but the buildings are certainly getting old. The view is less than appealing and could use a total makeover.
They could do better if they had more funding. Restrooms never had toilet paper, and resources sucked. That was because most of the money was spent renovating the awful buildings.
I love how diverse the school is and how military friendly it is. Super easy to communicate with the teachers and staff.
Awesome Department! I am sure other people feel the same. Very resourceful, unlike many other departments in the country. Well done.
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The Hawaii Department of Education provided the necessary classes to prepare me for my future experience in college. Most educators seem to care about the students learning and are passionate about what they teach. The environment of the schools in Hawaii are highly diverse and provide a laid back feeling. Some facilities in my schools seemed outdated, but they were still functional. Overall, I feel that the Hawaii Department of Education provides great opportunities for students to become successful all while being in the center of paradise.
Their is alot of vaping and smoking near the school and people their are ok but not great. People their they are not acting smart not most of them take school serious which disrupts my learning ability. Never spoke up because I am a person that just rides with it though I wish to put a stop to it if I could because they're are people in my classes I just cant handle and they dont do anything about it.
I really love the support that the DOE gives to the students it is very comforting to know that we have such good role models.
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