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Haverhill Public Schools Reviews

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This school is a good school, but like every other school it has its ups and downs. Some staff aren’t good teachers, and some staff are also racist. Students are save and the food could be better. This is school is a very dirty school, I believe they don’t really clean as they’re supposed too. But regard all these small problems, they do have good academics.
I like the public school they are good with a lot of things like activities and their curriculum is really good they prepare a kid for success in life and beyond
Haverhill school system are on the top of the list as far as I am concern. I have two grand children who go to school in Haverhill. There are good teachers, very helpful and take concerns in making sure the children are learning, also they make the class environment resources for learning. The school bus system are great, and there are classes for special needs . All I can say is that the school system are better than a lot other school out there.
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During my experience, I had positive interactions with teachers, however the schools I attended were outdated and falling apart.
They worked very well with me and always helped me when it was necessary .. a lot of the teachers I encounter would go above and beyond for me .. which is something you don't find often ...
Overall, my experience in the Haverhill Public Schools system has been okay. I've been lucky enough to be placed in classes throughout the years that are assimilated to my actual skill level, and with students whom I can actually tolerate. One thing that definitely has to be changed though doesn't have to do with the academics (although those could use some help too) is the school lunches. The company that the school gets its food from has progressively gotten worse and worse ever year. Their food has become over-proportioned and unhealthy, and I can't even stomach one of their burgers without feeling queasy and like I'm going to throw up.
I have been a student in the Haverhill public school system since kindergarten, and it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. If you want to become anything special, the Haverhill Public Schools allows you to do that.
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