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Haven is a small community with great schools! Our community members and school staff are all caring, supportive, and encourage us to do our best to succeed.
I enjoyed my time in high school. I played softball and we went to state 5 years in a row. The football program was bad though.
Haven Schools provide a safe, kind, interesting learning environment for students. The faculty works hard to provide the best education possible while taking an interest in their student's lives. They make it a priority to ensure that each student gets involved and makes the most of their teenage years. I would not have wanted to attend any other school.
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I loved my teachers but some of the school policy was a little irritating. The school start time was later than most at 8:40 and the school release time was normal at 3:30. The athletic programs are good for a small school.
I thought Haven was one of the best schools anyone could have gone to. I may have had bad days here and there, but the teachers and faculty do genuinely care about their students and will do their best to help. Some of the faculty want what is best for their students and will go above and beyond in helping them achieve their goals and performing better academically. The only thing about Haven I wish I could change would be having AP courses, but I understand that because we are such a small school that it is just not a possibility.
the teachers are friendly and helpful. the students are open and friendly for the most part. If you are open and friendly to the people there they generally reciprocate the attitude.
The faculty and staff at Haven is phenomenal. They truly care about the students and develop relationships at a more personal level than other schools. The class sizes are small, so that always makes it easier to learn and get things done.
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