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Hauppauge Union Free School District Reviews

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The elementary schools are extremely clean, organized and an overall good environment to learn in. The middle school is extremely suitable for any student in the district, the teachers are extremely hands-on and easy to confront if there was any issue understanding the curriculum. The high school was slightly different from the atmosphere in the middle and elementary schools. The high school had some extremely intelligent teachers, but unfortunately few but some teachers in the high school seemed to care less than they should about their students education. The social workers in the high school are extremely tentative and truly care about the best for each and every student. There are multiple programs for students to be a part in and a great sports and theatre program.
Hauppauge is a great school district that provides immense opportunities for its students. One thing that sets Hauppauge apart is its dedication to the IB program. It is very high level and will result in more students being accepted to prestigious and elite colleges. Also, the sports are very good. They also have great opportunities and connections with colleges, having them come to meet in the career center. If one takes advantage of everything Hauppauge has to offer, they will have a great experience. The students saying that they do not like this district are the ones who are not willing to put in the effort that this school requires and hold them to the standard of.
Hauppauge Schools are very safe and welcoming to all students. I found that some of the teachers in the science department were not very enthusiastic or engaging. It's very easy to get involved in school culture through sports, clubs, and events. Overall, the people are open minded and talented.
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The district overall is a wonderful district and as any district, it has pros and cons but the only difference between hauppauge and other districts is that this districts has more pros than cons.
Great school learned a lot in all four years of high school it has made me able to get ready for the college experience and have meet friends I think I will have for life my teachers and guidance counselor have been great Thank you
Administration does not know how to handle bullying by coaches and teachers. Their priority is to protect the staff, and not the students. Coaching jobs are given to faculty with no credentials. Students who participate in certain sports suffer. If you want your children to excel , you need a lot of money to hire a private coach. Nepotism runs rampant in this school. Some teachers are good, some are there to pick up a paycheck and call it a day. They rely on apps to assign homework during the weekend. The kids are basically on call 24/7. If you are new to the area stay away from this school. There are much better choices in Commack and Smithtown. Their actual college numbers are much, much higher.
I was very happy with the quality of education that I received when I was at Hauppauge. I felt prepared on many different levels for the next stage of life when I graduated. There were a number of clubs that anyone could join, as well as sports and events to attend. If there was something I could change, it would be more experience based learning. Those programs are offered for students who will choose employment after school. However, I feel that all students will benefit by doing things hands on while in school.
I liked how theatre was taken more seriously in this school than in other schools I know of. I also liked how some of the teachers were very engaging and really seemed to care about what they were doing. Something I would see changed would be the amount of languages offered. Instead of just having the 'basic' foreign languages, (German, Spanish, French) I would want to add other languages like Chinese or Russian. I would also want to add a class where you learn basic life skills, such as cooking, filing taxes, balancing a checkbook, etc. I believe that everyone should be prepared for life beyond high school, whether you're going away to college or just living on your own for the first time.
The school its self it terrific and at top of its class. Its just the students are no all that nice and like to put other students in stereotypical boxes.
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