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Hattiesburg Public School District Reviews

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My first experience at Hattiesburg High School was great, I had good teachers, was taught with the best education, and the best school environment. But, when I enrolled in the 10th and 11th grade, the schools started to struggle when the district income dropped causing teachers to get low payment, and schools having to manage low budget to keep the schools going. We started to lose teachers and administrators since the situation ,and they blame the students but the students are excellent we just need to come to class more over, and school to help improve the school. The students are not the only problem because, most of us wants to learn but can’t because we don’t have a teacher, we have long terms subs.
the new principal is doing a good job of changing the school and making it a safe place to be around and changing the academic around
I like the fact my teachers actually cared about me, my grades, and test scores. Not all teachers are good teachers, but I had some very good teachers. What I would like to see change is the consistency of the teachers and principals.
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It could have been better with the teachers caring about the students. They sometimes didnt even teach and the students didnt even learn much.
My experience here so far has been very positive and outstanding. The environment offers many opportunities of advancement with career services and academics.
This school district is really care about their students but they tend to focus on the wrong things. Like the Superintendent worry about what the high school band is doing instead of worrying about fixing the problems in the school district. Sometimes HPSD do things at the last minute. Like waiting until the end of school year to inform the Principal at HHS that it's a claimed an "unsafe school' by the state. I would like to see HPSD focusing on more major issues and not wait till the last minute to do things.
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