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Hatboro-Horsham School District Reviews

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The school provides students with a nice education and incorporates technology a lot. Compared to some of the other schools in the district, Hatboro-Horsham could be slacking. However, there are a ride range of clubs and activities for everyone.
I had a pleasant experience while attending Hatboro-Horsham School District. Not only did the teachers I had specifically help me out to successfully pass every year and graduate but I also had the opportunity to meet many teachers I had outside the classroom and get to know them even better which helped me when it came time for asking teachers for letters of reccommendations
Hatboro-Horsham has a really great atmosphere. The teachers really care about their students and offer them many opportunities to succeed as well as offering proper help to those who need it. The school also puts sufficient funding into its music and arts programs, which allows many students to have a creative outlet. Additionally, the school has a very inclusive atmosphere and strives to promote inclusivity for all. The administration within the high school was fantastic, and they really do a good job at balancing fun and serious work.
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The school caters to athletes and the politically connected. Most teachers really care for the students. The school board is mainly interested in how they can benefit themselves.
Hatboro Horsham High School is very accepting and has a lot of different clubs, activities and classes to make your high school time the way you want it to be. There are some really great teachers and some I wish I never had, but besides that the academics are very good.
HHHS Is a good high school for preparing students for college. I was able to take 23 honors and AP courses during my four years because of our block schedule that allows for 8 classes a year. The math and science teachers were strong. I also swam for my varsity swim team for four years and had a great experience with my teammates and head coach.

HHHS could improve by more closely monitoring some of its teachers and the work they put forth in their classes. Despite having 5 honors English classes in four years, I do not feel my writing skills improved during high school. At times, some of the teachers did not put forth the effort into teaching their classes that you would expect at a college prep high school.
Decent, but not the best school out there. Just like any other schools, our school have students who are not looking for higher education, doesn't try in classes, and in-school drug uses are somewhat common in our school. However, it does represent rich diversity and rich culture/tradition that most of our students embrace. In addition, we offer variety of clubs and activities ranging from Black Student Union to all the way to Dance Clubs. Teachers are also one of our pride at our school. They genuinely care about each and every student and strives to motivate their student each and every day.
It is a safe and good school to attend. Students have a great variety of choices in which classes they can take. Teachers are well prepared to teach their classes. All students are welcome and pushed to do their best.
HH was a decent school, but they certainly did not treat you like young adults. Instead, they treated you like little kids, and being so strict does not help prepare high school students for college and the real world.
I liked that Hatboro-Horsham had a welcoming environment to new kids. It is easy for new students to adapt the the school. However, I would want there to be a better facility as there are not enough windows for sunlight and natural light.
Teachers are really nice and they are very helpful for the students. Their state test results are great.
I enjoyed many of the teachers I had at Hatboro-Horsham. They are intelligent and fun people that gie a great learning environment. A problem I had at my school was an uninvolved student body. There were the same kids running each school events and clubs, which didn't allowed others to get included in fun events.
Large school with many extracurricular activities available. I feel the guidance staff is very informative but the parents must do their part to seek out what is available to our seniors. My children are getting a higher education here versus other schools they have attended. We are a military family and therefore move often so to land on this school district when my son graduates is very beneficial to our family.
I really enjoy the environment at Hatboro-Horsham. The teachers and faculty are always ready to have fun and show their love for the school. It is a great place to be and there is so much school spirit!
I would like to have language programs all year round, not just for a single semester, basically 18 weeks. It feels very rushed and I can't learn the material I want to in that time.
Bullying!!! The school district is afraid to do anything about bullies. I have had 8 parents write letters and go to school board committee meetings about a bully who had been in the school for 4 years now doing the same thing and the school district never responded and the school said they didn't need to take any action. This is one case, mine but I have had several parents tell me of similar issues.
I love how the teachers actually try and make time one on one with their students who have specific questions/ need more help. They seem to actually care about the students. I do not like how it is turning into more and more online assignments opposed to old fashion pen and paper.
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Hatboro-Horsham high school was a great school. I went there all 4 years. The teachers were great & the principal was awesome!!!! Everyone was helpful. My counselor, she was the best. I don't know what I would have done without her.
Hatboro- Horsham was really good with the whole inter-grading the freshmen with the upperclassmen/ other freshmen, but sometimes it was really annoying because the freshmen always got to miss class for a field trip or a "pep-rally" like thing, which wasn't really fair to the other grades. HH was also really good with the whole letting students know there was someone who cared. They have this program called SAP (Students assistant program) which was open to any one who needed a place to talk about their problems or go and cry. They have trainer professionals and teacher volunteers constantly working there who always have their arms open wide to students.
Hatboro-Horsham is a very diverse school and strives to see their students succeed. Awareness and acceptance from teachers, administrators, and students could be improved.
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