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I love it at HHS. The community here is amazing. The teachers, students, and principles are all awesome. I would recommend Hastings High School over any other!
I was born and raised in Hastings, Minnesota and I am a current Senior. My experience with the school district has been positive. I have bonded with most of my high school teachers and they have given me loads of advice for my future. The sports here are nothing less than exceptional, and so is the show choir program. Hastings High School is the 'music high school'. The school liaison, Officer Bauer, keeps us safe during the school day and Hastings is overall a safe place for students to learn.
The atmosphere of Hastings High School located in South Eastern Minnesota makes an experience I’ll never forget. Whether coming in early to talk to your favorite teachers, getting breakfast there before school, or coming in to participate for the weekly activities, you can never go wrong with being at Hastings. About 30 minutes from St. Paul and Minneapolis, sports games and clubs are diversified and full of pride. Watching all these professional teams grow up within 30 minutes of your hometown gives our high school the blood rushing adrenaline filled crowds on Friday and Saturday nights. Under the lights or on the ice the action takes place bringing the whole town together. That buzzer goes off as the game ends in another win. The town is closely knit by this high school and its sports and activities and that’s what makes this small town great. The experiences are unforgettable and the stories will go down to future children.
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There are activities for every interest. The teachers and counselors are great I had a lot of help applying for college. Teachers are always available to offer extra help if needed.
Overall a great experience. Teachers go the extra mile for each student, very friendly peers although the school does lack diversity and the sport and clubs are great.
I really like the teachers at my school, they are so helpful and easy to talk to. The building is really nice and the auditorium and gym are also really nice. I started out as a special ed student and needed a lot of help in my classes. Now I am on the A honor roll and I am not receiving any help at all. My teachers have all been great. There is something fun for everyone at Hastings High School. There is a great variety of clubs and sports.
Everyone I've met in the past 3 years has been awesome. I see and hear almost no bullying and everyone is social and nice to be around. The staff is also great and they are extremely helpful.
The teachers in the Hastings Public School District always works with the parents and the students to help each and every one of them. There is not a time that I or someone I knew had not received the help that they needed.
Average, the schools are nice, but the teachers aren't always the best. The staff is okay, my parents have a had a rough time with elementary.
Friendly teacher and other staff. Overall a very nice place to learn and grow. I feel prepared to go to college with the education I have received.
During my high school career I involved myself in everything that I could and the scheduling makes sure not to conflict with other activities and still allow me time to work on my homework. Classes at this school are very diverse going from Broadcast Journalism, where they produce the Ekko on the local tv channel, to Field Biology. The school offers many honors and AP classes for students choose from each with their own challenges, and every teacher is available during the week either before or after school and are very open to helping students in every way that they can. The building itself is stunning and fairly new. Slowly but surely the school is becoming more diverse as more and more minorities join the community. In the community itself is also well represented at the school as the Hastings High School often hosts many community functions such as the Halloween Party and local basketball tournaments.
Hasting has alot of gang problems, i seen a lot of stuff happen in the hallways meaning fights,couples going beyond making out. The teachers sometimes are rude to students, besides all of these the school is okay.
Good school lots of courses great teachers. The sports program was very nice . great school pride. ROTC programs were very involved and great mentor
I felt that I had an overall good experience with Hastings Public Schools. The curriculum was challenging and I felt prepared for college after graduation. The activities that I was involved in were well organized and engaging.
Hastings Public High School was an okay experience. Most of the teachers were caring and nice. I also felt like the classes prepared me for college. The show choir program was a great experience.
The Hastings School district is a great place to be a student! The teachers are very knowledgeable and genuinely care about the success of their students. The administration is concerned about the students as well. The schools offer many opportunities to be involved- clubs and activities, sports, music and art, and community education.
I like that the school offers so many different opportunities that help to keep kids involved. The only thing that I would change would be the bias in the school towards very liberal minded ideas and groups
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Teachers that truly care for their students. Lots of great ways to get involved in the schools and the community. Family atmosphere where parents are encouraged to be active in their children's lives.
I have been in the Hastings Public School District since kindergarten, and I would personally say they have a fantastic system. Throughout the grades, all of the teachers make sure that each student is prepared for the next step. The school system is always very friendly with both students and parents.
The school atmosphere is great! The facilities are always clean and well kept up. The teachers there really care about you and you will form lasting relationships with them. Some things that should change are the number of lunch lines. There is usually a wait before you can get food. Also, by the time the last lunch period comes, some food is already gone, so you don't have as many options.
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