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Hastings area school district is a awesome place to receive a education. The teachers and administration are awesome and help us prepare for the future. There are so many opportunities at Hastings including sports, clubs, and other activities to be involved in. There is a awesome music and CTE department. I was part of the band where I had a awesome time during marching and concert season. I was also a member of the FFA chapter and agriculture program. I felt so prepared for future with these experiences and also with the AP courses I took. I highly recommend this school district to anyone.
Overall I felt like my entire experience in school wasn't actually based on learning, I feel like us students were just "money makers", and by the time I graduated the school system was greedily trying to get bonds to pass. And it felt like the teachers just gave into that idea and were just trying to get parents to join in on the idea of using bonds, and the parents were totally into it.
Hastings Area School is a very small district that I have loved to grow up in. Everybody knows everybody, but the education I have received is not all that. I do not feel like I am learning subjects that will carry me through life, but learning to pass.
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Through my experience at Hastings High School, a lot was what I made of it. Throughout my four years, clubs started to grow and so did sports. I feel like I got a baseline education for college and the staff was a big part of the college readiness.
What I liked about Hastings Area Schools was that the teachers are very much involved in improving their strategies to help students succeed. The change I would like to see is the student classes be more involved in activities provided by the school. It's a great way to get connections and build new skills they will need for when they advance to college or working life.
Hastings, overall, is a good school to attend. The teachers will work with you to make sure you pass. This school has done a pretty good job with college readiness.
Terrible spanish program, but some dedicated AP staff and friendly students. Not very diverse, and the regular non honors teachers are not the most helpful. A lot of construction currently which makes it very hard to get in and out of the school.
I love Hastings High School because we use a system called "saxon strong tickets" we try and make our school a better place by implementing a system of rewards for the good things you do. If I wanted to see something change It would be the safety precautions we take here for lock downs, in this world today you don't know what people are going to do and I think we need to bring in a better system for what reality really is so we can be prepared for what could happen.
I grew attending Hastings schools and now my children attend school there as well. Have always had positive experiences with this district. Can't wait to see what the future holds!
Good teachers in places. Administration is terrible. Needs to be completely overhauled. Schools are run down, and even though a bond was passed, they will not be updated to acceptable standards.
Hastings Area schools is a great school system with the perfect amount of kids. It's not to big of a school but not to small to where kids can make lasting friend ships and teachers can help everyone better.
There are lots of friendly people in the area and most are very welcoming. Overall I have enjoyed my time in Hastings and am very happy with all of the great people I have met throughout the years.
Hastings high school was an extremely welcoming and helpful school that really helped me discover what I wanted to do in life.
Hastings Area Schools gives students a chance to make for a better future. It brings such a diverse life to the entirety of the student body. Hastings gives the chance for students to prepare for their future before ending their high school career. From the many AP courses and other courses such as Culinary Arts, Engineering and Design, and Business classes, students can get a grasp of what the world has to offer to the various careers and work ethics. The academics are just the start. Hastings offers many different extra-curricular activities, those in which includes FFA, various sports, BPA, NHS, and more. Band, Gym, and Choir electives also give full effort in student excellence. Hastings strives to help students succeed from there present schooling to future events. Hastings truly strives towards their motto: "A Commitment to Excellence in Academics, Arts and Athletics."
The people, while friendly, are not very open minded. The teachers are nice, but some aren't as willing to help as others are.
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