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I liked that I had many opportunities and activities presented to me. I did not like the lack of inclusion among the student body.
Haslett is a pretty great school with a bit of diversity and some really good teachers. The building is a little small, but that way it is easy no navigate. This school also has a wonderful music program and plenty of opportunities to play sports.
Overall it was not my favroite school district in the area and I felt that everyone’s didn’t really care for each other
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Haslett is great for education, safety, and extracurricular activities. I wish it was more diverse though.
I've enjoyed my high school experience at Haslett High School. I feel very prepared for college and have made memories to last me a life time.
They are all about college. The principal and teachers really care about the students. They are career oriented, they do job shadowing, they have workshops for college. I went and filled out my fasfa with one of the counselors. They had college themed days and when you find out what college you are accepted to, they write it on a board so the whole school can see it and congratulate you.
I originally went to school up to the 7th grade in the Syracuse, NY, school district and went I started going to Haslett, there was a big change. There is less diversity, yes, but the students are more focused, nicer, more engaged, and it's just better here than in Syracuse. the teachers are good in preparing students and it's a good environment. I really enjoyed my time here.
I think that HPS is a very great school district and I believe that everybody should go here. All the staff members are supportive and are great at teaching their subject
I like being able to hangout with my friends in various extracurricular activities. However I would change how much work that some teachers give us because it feels like busy work.
Haslett is a great community and has a magnificent schooling system. The school building is the perfect size and perfect amount of students. All of Haslett staff are very very nice.
I liked Haslett High School because it was a place where everyone knew my name and knew who I was as a person. A huge drawback in the high school in my opinion was the lack of diversity. It was very noticeable and sad
I made some very neat friends here. I haven't had the greatest experience with teachers or administration because I find them lazy and not willing to help students succeed.
I was very well off in Haslett schools. There was a plethora of friendly dtudemts as well as academically rigorous courses offered to prepare students for college. The sports teams, while demanding and full of unaccepting cliques, was worth it for the experience and love of sports. My facvorite part of the district was their music program. Having been in choirs myself throughout middle and high school, I found the teachers ans other students to be extremely dedicated to perfection and fun. This led to a very warm welcoming community of individuals with a common passion for music performing. Overall, a wonderful school district.
I think they do a decent job with the education portion, and some of the teachers are amazing. However I did not enjoy the middle school.
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