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Haskell Consolidated Independent School District Reviews

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Haskell is a good small school where students are allowed to be involved in many different activities.
Haskell High CISD is a wonderful School. The Elementry is very involved and supports the sports teams. The teachers are great.
Haskell CISD Middle school is connected to the high school. It's a little sketchy to have high school students with middle schools kids but it all works out very well. They do have new teachers every year.
Needs a little improvement in the college readiness area. They also lack in seminars to prevent drug use, sex, and bullying. They definitely need more of this in today's word due to the craziness going on.
Sports aren't too great but the coaches are wonderful. They push you to be your best. I would definitely recommend to anyone in the Haskell County City Limits. Once I move back to Haskell I would like to send my future children to Haskell CISD schools.
The school is currently building a new auditorium and cafeteria. They really needed it! I am proud to say that I graduated from Haskell High School
Its very small and all the teachers are wonderful, plus since it is small you can get one on one time very easily if you need help. I think we could have worked harder in some classes especially to prepare for college but overall i truly enjoyed my time there.
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I am eighteen years old currently going on my 13th year being a part of Haskell's school district. I absolutely love Haskell High School, it is a small 2a school filled with love and warm hearts. Not only do I love my friends at Haskell High but my teachers also have a very safe spot in my heart. I am a small town girl so Haskell High is perfect for me to feel comfortable. Although others opinions may be different than mine, there is not one thing I would change about my school. Im excited to graduate and see where life takes me, but leaving Haskell High will be one of the hardest challenges i've faced.
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