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Hartshorne Public Schools Reviews

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Hartshorne is very school focused on academics and sports, what I would like to change is the way we view people racial wise. other than that it's pretty good.
It’s a great school, and all the staff are for the students, and want them to succeed! They try to make it the best place, and a good environment for us. My superintendent, principal, teachers, and staff care about every students safety, and our education. Education is a big deal in Hartshorne. All the staff push the students to strive to go college, and/ or, vocational schools. They go above and beyond to to make it the best school it can be. It may be a small community school, but it’s one of the best.
Hartshorne Public Schools is a welcoming environment. It's the type of school anyone would enjoy coming to. Teachers are so eager to help students expand their education and help them get far in life. The staff make sure everything is in the right place and going smooth.
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Hartshorne High School have given me so many good memories from the amazing teachers to the wide variety of personalities. You will never see a school who is so determined to keep each other up. It is truly a great experience. Everyone that does come here can see how serious in the classrooms the teachers are and how determined the students are to be there best. We are a competitive school in everything we do from sports to grades. We just love the competition in all. Hartshorne honestly is a great school.
Hartshorne is a very good, hard working school. The teachers are amazing. They are kind, patient, and caring. They provide after school tutoring, they will let you keep taking a test just to get a higher grade. Hartshorne is involved with Gear Up for their juniors and seniors. They provide great academic programs. The athletics department is very good. They never make anyone feel left out. Hartshorne Public Schools is a great place to learn.
The closeness of the community has been a great asset of the school. The teachers are willing to help whenever needed. The cafeteria is in major need of improvement.My experience has been overall satisfactory, except for the food.
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