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Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn Community School District Reviews

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Teachers here are truly invested in students and will try to help in any way they can. The facilities are not the best right now, but renovations are under way.
People here were friendly and helpful. You could always get help if needed. Extracurricular activities were fun to be a part of.
Not much in terms of challenging courses. Would like to see a better English program, or maybe another language option. I felt ill-prepared for college-level courses, so a better preparation system would be great.
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I grew up in this small town school and it was completely full of judgmental parents who get way too involved and have their hands all over the schools finances. As far as sports go it's all about whoever has the right last name and everyone else is put on the bench for everything. Educationally, a small portion of teachers actually care and teach while the majority are there so they can be coaches and get paid. If I had to choose between going to this school and driving a long distance, I would definitely choose the latter.
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