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Hartley Independent School District Reviews

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I have gone to this school since pre-kindergarten (which I had to take twice) and next year will be my final year. I have really enjoyed going to this school. Every year it has only seemed to improve in academics, sports, and student involvement. I hope it only improves more and more even after I am no longer attending.
It’s small everyone is nice and the principal makes sure to keep it secure no drugs or such. He is pretty strict but that helps us with having a good learning experience and not experiencing bullying.
Hartley Independent School District is a great school. The school is grades pre-k through 12th grade. Every grade is always interacting with each other. The teachers are always willing to put in their extra time to make sure the student is getting what they need.
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Hartley is a very small community and I have attended school there since I was in Kindergarten. Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to participate in many activities. I know everyone in the school which is a great thing that many other schools do not offer. The entire town is very supporting in everything we do.
Hartley was the school I started in and I plan to finish in. Eventhough I moved around I could not leave my home, this school has the best teachers I know. The best people to work with the the best known basketball teams to throw.
Hartley is an amazing school. All of the students and staff are like family to one another, and they care about our well being. The teachers work hard to make sure each and every student understands the subjects they are teaching, and won’t discourage any student who doesn’t get the concept.
I feel that Hartley is a great place to attend school. It is complete with great and friendly faculty who truly care about their students and their futures. It is a great learning environment and has a great and challenging ciriculum. After attending Hartley for 4 years as a transfer student I feel I have the best education I could've received.
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