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All of the teachers are very invested in their jobs and are willing to help students as much as possible with their education. They are also very accepting of LGBT students from what I've experienced.
I enjoyed Hartland Consolidated Schools because the teachers there really showed how much they care about every student with the way they taught. I felt like I was set up for success while I was attending this school.
Hartland Schools has excellent academic programs. Especially great is their 'Highly capable program' for advanced students.
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I moved here in the middle of my sophomore year and everyone helped me fully adjust. I have made close friends and the teachers have been amazing. The school offers many great classes and any classes that they do not offer they pair up with surrounding schools to make it happen. One thing that I would like to change though is the amount of security that we have.
Hartland consolidated schools is a very good. the teachers are for the most part willing to help you and I never felt I did not have the resources I needed to succeed. Our sports teams are not very good though. the coaches are fine its just that we tend to lose a lot in most of the sports that hartland offers.
I truly believe that this is a wonderful school. The teachers are absolutely amazing. They will make sure each student's needs are given to them and make sure they understand the Material in the class.
Hartland was one of the best experiences of my life. I was a school of choice, and my parents and I made the best choice in coming to Hartland. Not only are their athletic teams fantastic, the academic portion at Hartland is outstanding. Junior year is a very stressful time for a student. I believe not only did Hartland High School prepare me to take the SAT but also helped me receive a higher score.
Hartland Consolidated Schools is a great school district that acts as one big community together. Everyone is friendly and it is a great environment. Growing up in this school district was a great experience for me and helped shape me into who I am today.
Hartland offers so many advanced classes and chances for every student to do something they are interested in. All of the AP teachers know their subject area very well and do a good job of preparing their students. The one downside is that the school is very big, with over 2,000 students, so most classes have around 30 students. But that's not so bad in some ways, as there's going to be someone you can make friends with and get along with in nearly every class.
Great schools and caring Administrators and Teachers. They are the reason so many kids do well in a Hartland schools.
Hartland Consolidated Schools offers average education. Their campus's are clean and well taken care of, staff is exceptional. I attend Hartland K-12 and felt that I could have benefited more from a neighboring school after attending their share time program. I believe they could reach out to their students more to help them succeed.
I am so thankful that I get to be a part of the Hartland community. In my 11 years enrolled in Hartland schools I have grown so close to many of my teachers. The teachers at Hartland truly care about there students and have made me a better student and person.
Hartland Consolidated Schools is a very safe and friendly environment for kids all of races and cultures to come and get an education.
Growth is the word that comes to mind when friends and family ask me about Hartland Schools. The atmosphere is filled with achievement, hard work and positivity. Everyone wants to achieve and do their best at all times, hard work motivates us to grow as students and teachers.
I loved the environment and the clubs. I really liked the facilities, and in hindsight I wish I explored more of the high school’s groups and campus. Teachers are mostly all great, and I love the band program.
The Hartland High School staff was amazing. The teachers taught me so much. They helped me grow as a person and helped me find my way for after high school. I would love to see a principle stay for more than 2 years though as they are always getting new ones every other year.
Hartland Consolidated Schools is filled with people who are generous, and caring. The administration there is one hundred percent focused on seeing their students through to the end and getting them to where they need to be. My personal high school experience was a bit different from others in the sense that i was always different from everything else. But the school itself was a great school. The education is good, the teachers are caring.
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I love the friendliness and helpfulness of the environment. It really made me feel at home all throughout my high school experience.
I loved the atmosphere of the building, but people are very sheltered and some act entitled when they they have no reason to be. They are not totally rude or cliquey but some people, although I assume like everywhere, are very close minded and think they are better then everyone else.
Teachers that tell their students “I wish you weren’t in my class”. Educators not educated in mental health. “We think exposure is the best thing for them”. they can suffer further in their anxiety and fail. Not very educated educators. They don’t mind bullies, either. Sorry to say but it’s true.
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