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There is wide spread miscommunication at both the elementary and middle school levels. Physical violence is tolerated at the Ottaquecheeschool with no consequences. Parents who send their kids here should be cautious.
I am a long time Hartford resident with a son and step daughter who both graduated from the Hartford School system and also have several nieces and nephews who have either graduated or are currently attending Hartford schools. We found the teachers to be exceptional and our kids were well prepared and are doing very well in college. My son played three sports and his teams reached the semi finals or finals 5 times. At every level I feel the school does a great job, from academics to social activities, to sports and diversity. So proud to live in a community with an exceptional school.
I would like to see counselors and teachers preparing students for college better, helping them to apply for scholarships, grants, and loans. Where to find scholarships, grants, and loans. Doing more to tour the local colleges as options for high school students. I found that there were quite a few teachers who were very supportive of my academics and would go above and beyond to help me understand course materials.
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Hartford High School is very community based and tries to provide options for all students. Every week the whole school meets to share out about recent events and unite the staff and students together. The teachers are very supportive and will take their own time to meet with students so they can be successful. I have not tried the food, but many students seem to enjoy it. The atheletic community is also very strong and gets a ton of support from town residents. Overall I have really enjoyed attending the school and being part of the community that everyone has helped build.
There were a lot of opportunities open to me no matter m interest. I felt there was always a place for me to speak openly and that my opinions would matter.
Both my daughters get special education at their school and the teachers are great. Especially with my younger daughter who is fully dependent, the teachers really include her in the classroom and she gets to spend time with her friends. Her para,she has is absolutely amazing with her and she gets all the therapy she needs. The school and district are very supportive and I've been really happy with them.
I like how close the teachers are with the students. There is a lot of teacher/student involvement; from the sporting events, after school activities, clubs/groups, and many other things the teachers are involved in a lot of things. Even with school work the teachers are involved. If you need help they will be there to work with you one on one. The teachers are one of the best parts of this high school.
The student body is also really great. It is a small high school, so we know who each other are and what is going on in the school. Everyone is really close at this school and it is amazing! This high school is great.
I loved going to school here. Had great teachers and staff over the years. There's help available if you need it. The teachers are willing to work with you. I met a lot of different people and made lots of friends. Great school enviornment.
It was really hard to fit into this community, because of how white it was. Everyone would stare at me or make fun of me. However everything wasn't so bad the teachers at Hartford really do care about their students, and some of my classmates have become my best friends. The facilities could use some work. We just barley got a new gym, but the school itself is outdated and old.
Hartford School District is a safe, welcoming environment. When I was in middle school, the high school music department would have band/choir in the middle of a class. Students did not have access to help from teachers and peers during school. They only had before or after school. My freshman year they created H-Block. H-Block is an hour and 15 minutes mid day for students to go get help from teachers, or if you're in band/choir that is when you would go. Our athletics at Hartford are very important. Starting in the rec you create a family. You grow up with those students until senior year. Hartford has worked hard to find the best coaches around town. When there has been complaints about a certain coach they will take the problem into their own hands and fix it. This past year our principal has started going around talking with students to get their opinions on how he is doing, and overall how they feel about our schools.
Hartford is really good at opening their horizons for students taste. The teachers all pretty much get along with the students, having connections with all of their students. The only thing I would recommend is to cut down on some dress code rules and help students find their future career paths, as most of them do not have any passions to pursue, help them find some.
Many great teachers especially in the math and sciences. Also a fun music program! The high school puts a lot of its time and money into sports.
As a senior (class of 2017) i think hartford is a great school, even with some minor flaws. There is always a sense of school spirit in the atmosphere.
I attend Hartford High School. The past two years of my high school experience have been brutal. I'm not your average teenager and therefore I find myself feeling isolated a majority of the time. I think the school itself has potential. The facilities and administration are great, but the kids have found their identity in being the same as everyone else. I am a firm believer in diversity and standing out.. I just have to step back and remember that I am different than the kids that I am surrounded by.
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