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my experience about Hartford schools was pretty bad the lunches are not good, the environment is not good.
A lot of people say Hartford Schools are bad but honestly their not. The teachers make sure we are doing well with our personal life and academically. They help us get better at what we doubt ourselves on.
For me I feel like the education isn’t that good at all it was actually easy. That’s why I passed all my classes. You have to actually not to any work to fail the classes. The people you meet are amazing and they all have good vibes and bring their own spirit to the school. I wish the teachers would teach things that would make sense and more in a harder and in-depth way. Sports is good. Almost everyone plays a sport in high school. The athletic side is on point A+. Oh and I wish we would change the uniform policy to a school shirt and any bottom you want just not too short and not too holy. The lunch is nasty I don’t eat school lunch and I get it for free. That’s needs a huge change. But other than that school is going good as far as moving along your years of high school
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It is an overall great experience, I have been a part of the Hartford School District since I was nine.
My sister had mixed reviews, she didn't like the environment but the activity was great. Teacher was also great, students not so much
I think that government need to invest more in education and recreation for our children. Children need more activities that can keep them out of the streets.
Education is good, the teachers engages with the students. The food isn't all that great but the lunch is free. Safety issues in the school, too many kids not enough security in the building. The schools should practice safety drills more than twice a year.
I think there needs to be more of a focus on college readiness. Any other district kids are graduating and going to college. In Hartford this is not always the case. As the States capital this needs to change for the children.
I like that Hartford Public schools are open and ready for change. However, I think they should be more connected to students.
I would like to see more opportunities being offered for kids to do. For example, I would like to see more appreciation for the performing art .
Coming from Avon to a magnet school in Hartford, I was a little nervous. It was a new experience for me. But everyone one I met was incredibly nice and helpful. I am more prepared now than I would ever have been at Avon Schools.
Football here is good. The math team is a lot of fun. The investment club here is a cool club. They offer AP classes which is very useful, and the teachers prepare you for the tests well.
My experience in going to Hartford schools were good. What I like about the school system is that it’s diverse. I meet people from all over. I also love the way our teachers teach us. I wouldn’t change anything about it.
Hartford School district needs to put more time and effort into the children. It would seem like they don’t care about their education. Better teachers, Better learning, More after school programs for the children so that they can get actives and involved. There just needs to be more.
What I like is that it’s close to home and what would I like to change I would like to change the sports program because student in Hartford schools don’t get looks from college scouts because Hartford isn’t known they think it’s no talent but it’s some real talent
I've lived in Hartford, CT my whole life and the experience I've had with the school districts is amazing because the teachers truly care for a students future.
My Experience was fairly ok, i would like to see more engagement, I feel like every High School Student should receive the same amount of effort and consistency as others. On the teachers behalf i feel like there should be less thinking about the check and actually making sure everyone learned the material not rushing through it and having the mindset that its there fault. NO its the teachers fault if 7 students out of 24 don't understand the material you don't move on until everyone as a whole learns it. You fail as a teacher if you pick and choose which students to teach your not doing your job and should care about every student receiving the same education.
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I like that the hartford school district gives all students and good and quality education, every school that I attended I felt like they made me learn to my fullest potential and always prepared me for the next grade ahead.
Hartford public schools are very diverse which I like the best. The staffs are also very nice and supportive. Overall my experience at a Hartford public school was very well.
The teachers work very hard to engage the children . When it comes to education in Hartford, CT it is about if you are dedicated and serious about your education and receiving a fantastic education. There are school that are amazing in the Hartford School District , but you have to apply yourself , stay focused , dedicated , and you will succeed.
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