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The teachers are available if you need them for tutoring. The teachers genuinely care about the students. The environment seems as safe as possible. The majority of the students care for one another.
I only went to middle school and high school, but the teachers were mainly great, the schools were maintained, there were some bugs, and I am still in high school.
I'd say my experience with Hart County Schools was pretty good. I learned a lot from my teachers, advisors, and peers. I never once felt as if I was unsafe when I went to school. I love the atmosphere of the people there. Especially in sporting events. Despite our differences, we always came together to cheer on our school. If I could change anything, it'd have to be the school lunches. They just don't look or taste very good at all.
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Hart County schools are excellent when it comes to wanting student to succeed. However, when it comes to handling certain situations (such as dress codes, discipline, etc.) their decisions aren't always the best.
It is a great school within a small community. Everyone here knows each other and is willing to help each other.
Small town vibe and very welcoming. It's a great school for parents who want their child to receive a good education in a small town. Hart County High School is really a best of both world's with its recently built additions to the school to make it bigger while also being apart of a well knit small community.
Hart County Schools have given me the educational foundation I need to go to college. They have given me the opportunity to succeed.
I think overall this is a great school. Most teachers were caring and helped everyone succeed in their class.
Overall, the facilities are well maintained by both faculty and students. However many of the teacher do not teach and school funds are unevenly distributed across the multiple career pathways.
Hart County High School's best feature is their teachers and their dedication to the students. This school is a very strict school with too many policies to follow, but the teachers really make this school a good school.
My experience at Hart County High School is great. I currently have one more year so I will be a senior this upcoming year. The things that I have enjoyed this far would be the teachers and the environment that they give to their students. Students here are treated with care from teachers and other staff. The counselor's here are awesome and are very helpful for helping students with college. I would not change anything at Hart County High School because they do things very well.
I liked the elementary schools. The middle schools however, are full of bullies and the teachers do nothing. The high school is better and the teachers are awesome.
Overall, Hart County Schools have great teachers. The school helps to teach students to be independent learners and to work hard. It offers lots of clubs to get involved in the community and that students can be involved in things that they like. I love the small family atmosphere!
My experience for the Hart County School systems have been great. The teachers are fantastic. They all try to help each student if they can, however some of the teachers pick a student over the other and favorites that student. That needs to change in our school system. I have seen more students not coming to school because of that, I have also seen student that don't come to school because they are getting bullied from their fellow students in that grade.
The food served in the cafeteria is not as appetizing as I would hope, and in my third year, they replaced all of the drinks in the vending machines with diet, even powerade.
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