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Harrisonville R-IX School District Reviews

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I attended Harrisonville high school it was a great environment for kids of all ages. I went their four years and went on to pursue my college education else where to better my future. I would recommend looking for a great school and family community.
The school district was very good up until I reached high school where it started to turn and head downhill with a new board and superintendent. Overall, my experience was great at Harrisonville though.
I am a junior at Harrisonville High school, and am going to graduate in the summer of 2019. I would like to see the school atmosphere change.
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I like that the general school activities such as band and other sports are very well coached and really encourage achievement and improvement. They also encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. I do wish there was a better standard of curriculum for certain subjects.
Teachers are sometimes mediocre and administrators are not supportive. A lot of days are spent doing nothing and waiting on other students to catch up.
it has been great when i need help with things and i ask they help me and they give me good add vise and they dot hesitate
I love the teachers of Harrisonville. All of them are caring and know students by name and form great bonds. The district its self is not so great. It seems that all of the priorities are in the wrong place and some decisions made are often poor and irrational.
I have been through the Harrisonville school district since 2nd grade and have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences; however, I believe that our disciplinary actions need to be stronger. The administration does a semi-decent job dishing out the punishments but the punishments themselves are not strong enough.
For the most part it was good. There was a time when I felt the administration didn’t not do a good job at comforting students and just pushed it under the rug
Harrisonville offers a very good academic system for the size of the school that it is. It is a close knit community and there is always someone that will make you feel welcome in the schools.
I'm a student at Harrisonville High School. For the most part, I've had no bad experiences. Most of the teachers care and want you to learn.
This school has been an excellent school to attend. They are very supportive of the students choices and careers. It is a smaller town school district; however they bring a big city punch to the sports and academics.
I love my school and the people in it. Always having a positive mindset with the best day to be the best every single day.
I really liked this school but there were many challenge that I faced. Some of the challenges that I faced was that the teachers were not willing to help, if they see you struggling they won't do anything. Also the teachers were very rude at times, I had many incidents where I was the center of the attention while my teacher was yelling at me. There are some teachers that were good and willing to help with anything and that actually care but rarely. Most overall not a really good school.
Harrisonville High school is on the smaller side.This is great because it allows many students to have 101 time with a teacher they may need help from. Harrisonville High allows students with a D or F on their progress report to plan and schedule a time to go in to a classroom and work on whatever they need to get done. One issue with the High School is their lanyard policy. If you do not have a visible I.D you may not go to a classroom during study hall. This causes a problem with students that may need help on something but have lost their lanyard. Overall, Harrisonville strives to keep their kids on track, and prepare them for a better future.
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