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Harrisonburg City Public Schools Reviews

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Harrisonburg High school is very overcrowded, but very diverse. Some good teachers. Okay food. Giant school. I think they said they were thinking of a second addition to fit more kids but don't have the funding.
The teachers in this school tend to be very good. Of course there are some teachers who have their biased towards others but the history and math department in the high school are phenomenal.
The diversity and welcoming atmosphere of HCPS cannot be beaten, and the academics flourish with specialized arts and science programs, and a wide selection of AP classes. However, they are running out of space and though a new high school has been approved, the schools are suffering because of crowding.
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I really liked the environment of the school and the diversity. The teachers were always willing to help their students succeed.
I can't imagine attending anywhere else. I love this school so much. It has shown me so many different cultures and ways of thinking, and most students are involved in different activities ranging from sports to food to identity.
I like how much of a family the school acts like, it is a really good diverse community. One thing I would like to see change is the amount of space for the number of students that we have. Besides that the school is great.
Harrisonburg City Schools give students a great outlet to clubs, sports, and education, however there is a serious over crowding problem that hinders that opportunity. That being said, the effort that the teachers put in to helping kids get the best learning experience possible is outstanding.
Responsive to parent questions, warm and welcoming, amazing diversity, and the dual language enrollment option in elementary is truly a world-class educational opportunity. HCPS, you are a gem.
Fantastic school with high level of college preparation. Faculty are skilled and knowledgable and provide personal help when needed. Facilities top notch. Renowned school newspaper.
Very diverse population; not too small or big; excellent teachers; academic courses are challenging enough to compete with the state or nation; friendly people.
H.H School is a great school. There is so much diversity and cultures in one building, it is amazing to be a part of. The high is school is fairly new, it was built in 2006. The city is growing so much with immigrants that now they are making plans to build another high school.
My daughter attends Spotswood Elementary school. I love it there. All of my siblings attended there as well. They have very caring teachers and advisors. All four of the elementary schools are becoming overcrowded, they are working on plans to build two new elementary schools.
All of the teachers, advisors and staff are wonderful and they do a great job of teaching the curriculum and they understand that everything isn't about SOL's. Very refreshing.
Harrisonburg City Schools has a large emphasis on fine arts. Harrisonburg High School has a Governor's STEM Academy. The high school is very diverse, it has over 40 different countries represented.
I love that HCPS are so diverse. There are students from all over the world, speaking over 20 different languages. It adds to the multi-cultural environment, where students can learn to accept each other despite the different backgrounds.
Harrisonburg City Schools are filled with diversity. You can't go into a school in the system without meeting someone from a different culture than your own. This is really helpful because it teaches you how to get along with everyone, and it gives you a chance to learn about something new. The high school has many options for honors classes and college-credit classes. They have a great education system.
I go to Harrisonburg High School I love the diversity of many culture and traditions and languages is open minded about many countries. Every faculty is so helpful and nice I feel welcome everyday.
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