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Harrison School District No. 2 Reviews

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Many teachers seem lack or not interesting in teaching anymore. A lot of the curriculum forces teachers, to not preform as they would like to.
The teachers there were very charismatic and understanding. I didn't feel left out on any of the lessons. The knowledge from Harrison is really helping me out in college.
District 2 offers many opportunities to get involved with the school and community. Academically, teachers are well prepared and know what they are teaching. Teachers are available and are always happy to lend students and/or parents a hand if help is ever needed.
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My sisters and I went to this school. When my oldest sister went to this district’s middle school she got horrible migraines from it because of all the stress. My second oldest sister had horrible teachers that tried to say she had ADHD, which she clearly didn’t. Then finally me, I actually had pretty good teachers but even then I got in trouble for things I didn’t even do. Clearly, it’s a terrible district that I would never wish on my worst enemy.
Some of the teachers want students to really succeed. Others just want the year to fly by. The students don’t really get disciplined, so teachers let them do whatever. Harrison has no school spirit at all. It’s a boring school.
The school felt like a family. They treated everyone equally and gave everyone the same opportunities. this district does concurrent enrollment and they give everyone in the school a chance to enroll in it by taking a test. the school also has a strong school spirit because everyone participates in spirit weeks and in the assemblies. Even though the school is really good in all these regards it is still missing the resources to fix damaged things as well as enough money to pay the educators a better salary. Another thing at the school needs more help in is the sports equipment. The biggest drawback is the school funding or money for the school.
I like how all the teachers where their mostly for you. Being at Harrison has helped me shape of who I am today and I wouldn't have been able to do that without the help of the people I met. The thing that I would have change is that theirs not many regulations of controlling the students, I feel like rules shape a person and teaches them discipline. In Harrison students are given too much freedom which causes the rule breaking that its happening currently.
Harrison High School is your every day low-income school. They cant help it but the school is run down and needs updates. The teachers themselves are average everyday teachers some of them are excellent at handling children's behaviors and teaching and some of them need more training. I would recommend this school to an everyday family.
Harrison high school is one of the most diverse school in whole Colorado springs. The teachers in this school is very helpful, understandable and have positive attitude toward the education and the students. The students in this school all come from different culture, different values and beliefs. Harrison high school is very good school because people who came from different countries, who don't know too much English have perfect environment for learning new things everyday.
I'm having a good education because I want a good education. Everything is there for me to excel. You just have to want it.
At Harrison, there is an overall very inclusive environment. You don't really see too much bullying of violence within the school and mostly everyone gets along with each other. The teachers actually care about you as an individual and take the time to really get to know you and your learning style.
I was in the district from elementary to high school. Overall they are very supportive and want their students to succeed and become well-rounded leaders of the future. They care about the students' education and are there as a support system.
The teachers who actually motivated me to get my life together made the 4 years worth it.
They pushed the students who felt like they had to drop out with the rest of the students who weren't willing to stick around with us and go threw the motions of graduating.
I like the diversity of the school and how much the teachers care for the students; even though, the students don't think the teachers care about them. Something I would like to see change is that I would like to see students respect the teachers and subs and every other adult in the school because they work very hard for the students, and I don't think they don't get the credit or respect that they deserve.
There are a lot of diversity and the teachers there are willing to help you be success if you put out your best effort to achieve and elevated, even when the work can sometimes be diffcult.
i have been in district two for my whole life and although there are moments that i do not agree with such as when i got suspended for tripping a kid i love district two and i would love to recomend as many people to this district it shaped me into the person i am today and i have made friends for life that i am now going to college with and this part of my life is slowly coming to an end and i am happy to have spent it with district two
I liked the support offered at the school,and the involvement of the teachers. Although, I would change the school environment.
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My experience at Harrison has been fantastic, the teachers were all so helpful when needed, the staff was always prepared and aware of their surroundings, and no matter what circumstance they always had the school standing up and in the right direction to success.
My son is 11 years old and has a disability. He was in 6th grade at Carmel Middle School. He was bullied to tears everyday. We spoke with the staff at the school and the district office numerous times. Nothing was done to help our son Kyler. Kyler was then stabbed muliple times in the hallway. Carmel Middle school never called an ambulance or the police for Kyler. We drove Kyler to the ER where he was emergency transported to Colorado Childrens hospital for emergency surgery to save his life. Kyler suffered a punctured and collapsed lung from being stabbed in his chest inside of Carmel Middle school hallway.
I like the direction that the administration is trying to take the school but the environment is not conducive to learning. The lack of motivation or direction in the students is disturbing and thus leads to many not trying in class even though knowing the result of not being successful in school. not a place for someone who is looking for other people to push them further.
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