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I absolutely love being a Golden Goblins! The facilities are some of the best in the state, and the teachers are amazing. They care for each and every student! I couldn't ask for a better school. #bestschoolinNA
The food was not good and the bathroom facilities needed an upgrade. The high school might be better now, since they renovated the building.
I graduated in 2018. Harrison is has undergone some tremendous improvements in the past couple of years including the addition of a new gym, classrooms, and a performing arts center. Also, they have recently made security a priority by issuing school ID badges. The clubs and activities are diverse and inclusive. Being in Key Club, DECA, FCCLA, and photography club kept me busy, but allowed me to be able to get involved in the community through school functions. Teachers are involved and go above and beyond to reach out and help students. Without the solid foundation from my education at Harrison High School, I would not have been prepared to begin my life as a college student with my tuition paid for and a 4.0 GPA.
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It is good but there are some flaws like every school, some of the teachers are not all that great and some help and get you ready for college. I do think the food could be better but i was raised that you do not complain with what you get if you don't like it don't eat it. The faculty are great and try to help out as much as they can and help make sure the school stays clean.
Harrison School District’s main issue is that it is centered around the middle to lower end of students. Instead of pushing for AP or Pre-AP classes for gifted students, the kids are encouraged to be in less rigorous courses. The administration seems to be out of touch from what students need to ready themselves for their lives outside of High School. While the above may be true, there are teachers in this school district that really have a passion for teaching and do a wonderful job.
I had a great time at Harrison. The school is progressive and forward-thinking, always striving to be on the leading edge of education and unafraid to try new technologies and techniques in their pursuit of a higher quality education for their students.
While some teachers try their hardest it is still not a very good school district. No avail. Homework for kids who do not have an internet connection at home and also school board members are allowed to take others children without prior consent of the parent. So now I worry about my fifteen year old and the school system has no reaponse
Does not react well to pregnant or disadvantaged students. Teachers do nothing to discourage bullying except for turning the other cheek. If it weren't the closest school, I wouldn't let my future kids attend here at ALL.
The schools are great! Good principals and caring teachers. I have been in the district since 2nd grade and am now a high school senior. I wish there was more choices in extra-curricular activities and more support of students wishing to go to college.
Overall the Harrison School district is a great place for students to attend. The teachers work hard make sure all students are learning and having fun also.
Nice new campus. Safety a concern. Athletics top priority-band on bottom. Low diversity. Unmotivated teachers
I would like to see the staff change. I feel like they care more about their paycheck then the students at times. Some teachers are better than others in this aspect.
the teachers are very nice. the teachers help you how ever they can. the school its self is very good.the only thing that is not good about this school is the lunches
My experience at the Harrison High School has been very good overall. I have always been very involved and included in many activities the go on. The teachers are very kid and so are most of the students. Just like any other school, my school is not perfect, but I would say it is a good experience for most.
The administration went through a change in administration that was a very positive change. It was the average high school experience with great extracurricular activities and an okay education.
It has the great small time values you want for your child. There is always help if needed in many different areas.
I liked that the teachers prioritized you and your school/outside activities. The teachers worked well with you if you needed to miss class or something came up where you couldn't be there. Something I would like to see change is the bullying policy. There were times I felt the school board was on the bullies side because of who their parents were.
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