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My experience at Harrison Public Schools was one to remember. There are many clubs and activities that the students can participate in, which are not available in other school districts. The faculty is very supportive and involved in every aspect of school spirit and education. They try their best to prepare the students for college and the real world. The Guidance Department, on the other hand, fails to support the students. They often discourage students from following their aspirations.
Harrison High School is an average public school that looks modern and feels safe. However it’s technology is outdated, from computers that don’t work to the WiFi constantly turning off. There are numerous clubs but many are left without funds or are just forgotten. And example is the band, they get almost no money from administration so they have to work with broken instruments. Sports are praised more than any other extracurricular activity. Academics are average, due to unmotivated students. Overall, Harrison High School is not the worst school but also not the best.
I liked mostly everything, the diversity, the culture, how close everyone is. the education was good, I learned a lot being in some honors classes. The teachers really did help each student individually if it was needed.
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The wonderful aspects about Harrison Public Schools is that they do care about each person. They are friendly and you will always have someone that you can talk to. However, there are some low qualities when it comes to the education and academics. The schools in Harrison have a more relaxed approach when it comes to testing and Etting the best grades we can get. If there was one thing that I can change about the schools, it will be for them to focus more on the education rather than other non-essentials like the dress code.
Most diverse student and community in New Jersey without exception. Academics, teachers, resources among the best despite dealing with enormous ESL and EFL issues and transient Spanish, Portuguese, asian populations. Bedroom community on Path train for NYC and Newark means show skyrocketing contributions to both school resources and huge increases in standardized test and core study metrics this year and next. Current Niche review stats are skewed far below actual levels for most considerations noted.
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