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Ever since I entered Pre-K at Wilsonburg Elementary School, almost 12 years ago, I have felt that Harrison County and it’s employees (my teachers) have provided me with an excellent education, future life skills and lessons, and I believe they have made me the person I am today and hope to be in the future.
Better learning environment, more one on one learning time, better food, less online leaning more paper and pencils. Some of the teachers I think shouldn’t have been allowed back to teach, one teacher like strangled a kid and another sold and did drugs.
I am a college student attending Salem University in the Harrison County District in Salem, West Virginia. I could not find my school, but it lies within the boundaries of the county.
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While going to school in Harrison County, I have enjoyed every moment. The teachers and faculty are incredible, making sure that everyone feels safe and at home. The only problem I’ve had is the amount of drug abuse from students while in school. I wish that the schools would crack down on such behavior, without taking away all or our freedom.
I love my school. It is a great atmosphere, all the teachers treat us like family. It is a very positive learning environment.
I would like to see the bis drivers and teachers be able to do more about the kids who are unruly. I know of a few on my child's bus that are very unruly. They have no consequences at home for there actions and i know that's not a good thing. Andif they act like thaton the bus they have to be acting like that in the classroom as well.
Lincoln isn't treaded like Bridgeport High school, but we are treated like we are people and it's an overall good school. Just wish there were more funding for the theatre programs.
I loved it here. Would not change a thing. Great place to learn and get involved. Lots of opportunities to further your education as well. Way better then most of the surrounding areas. If looking for a fair school, you have found the perfect one.
I like the sense of community. I know pretty much everyone around me and it is a comforting notion. However the rising populace has caused some congestion in halls and in school rallies.
These schools are always very welcoming to you. They keep us at our best and make us push and give all that we can. Food is average and cleanliness is average.
Harrison County is an okay school. Our school systems are out of date and it's far from the best. It could be much better and sadly it isn't.
The Harrison County School system truly cares about benefitting the students whether it's in Bridgeport or Clarksburg. They are efficient with keeping education methods up to date and pleasing to everyone.
I like having the opportunity to participate in different things. I wish they were less strict about everything.
One thing I'd like to see change is for teachers of seniors to help better prepare them for what the college life is really like.
Harrison county schools are run very well. They are taking out physical science as a freshman which concerns me because they replaced it with earth science which does not get you ready for chemistry, physics or biology.
Harrison County Board of education provides children with the most influential academic education that they need to move on into the world. The board is willing to go to any extent to make sure the children receive the best academic future. They hope to see them become great examples in this world. I am lucky to say I have been supported by the Harrison Co. BOE for the past 12 years and I could not be luckier.
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I attended Liberty High School in Harrison County. The teachers were wonderful and really cared about their students. They did everything they could for the good of their students and classes. The counselors are also very insightful and ready to help at all times.
Being at Liberty High School for four years has been really good. I feel like they prepared me for college. Although I would change the dress code and make it mandatory for school uniforms to help decrease bullying. Other than that everything is okay.
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