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I liked spending time with the people, The faculty is not the best, scheduling is a nightmare and many of my friends didn't get any of the classes they signed up for/needed for college.
At Harrison Central High, the guidance counselor's need to have schedules ready first day of school instead three days to three weeks later. West Wortham Elementary and Middle is on top, love the teachers and principal there. Harrison Central on other hand needs to tighten up with communication within the school, student and parents
Great schools & a very diverse population. Multiple schools in the district to choose from. Life changing teachers. School board, hand book, & student’s food could definitely be improved.
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I been with the Harrison county school district since my 6th grade year and I just graduated this year. I love all the time and memories that I had between all the schools in Harrison county. The teachers are amazing and love to help. There are countless times that my teacher has work with me one on one and it is very warming. They really do care about you as a student. Sports are amazing and we are allways competitive. Go diberville (by the way best student section on the coast). If you are a new student you are going to love all your time with this school district and will always remember it with joy.
The Harrison County as a whole is very good. However, the laws in Mississippi continue to force students with disabilities in Algebra to "test on the same number of Algebra problems (40) as students without disabilities." I would rate that as a 1.
We have fun. We are encouraged to join extracurricular activities inside and outside if school. So far it has been a fun experience.
I love the staff in the Harrison County school district, The schools are welcoming and a very great learning environment. The only thing I would seek change in is getting newer schools .
Teachers are treated terrible! There are usually 30 to 35 kids per classroom. Harrison School Administrators are a bunch of unethical, low lives that use threats and intimidation to get their teachers to bow before them. If you are a teacher in the district, send your kids to a different school district. If you ever disobey Harrison School Admin or "God forbid" get hurt while on the job, these people will do everything in their power to make your life a living hell including going after your kids in one way or another. Harrison County School District uses Medical Analysis, their "free" clinic, as a scapegoat to get out of workman's comp claims. The staff is bought and paid for. Don't go to this school district. RUN!!
It's an average school district Not the best and not the worst. It also depends on which school you attend.
As a former student of Harrison Central High School, I feel that the school can improve on various aspects. First, the office clerks are almost always rude. Secondly the school has an open parking lot that gives trespassers free range of entering the school. Lastly, I didn’t feel as if the counselors were giving me guidance. For example, I was set to take my ACT exam and I needed a student ID. I took my picture for it but I never received it and I missed the exam. The school needs improvement.
I loved the community involvement as well as all the fundraisers that my school held to help people, such as hurricane Harvey victims and more.
The school board bases their decisions on what happens to students not as each individual student but as a whole. They would rather save money than make schools safe and decent places to be. The food is horrific and the staff does not take the time to view the student's needs. They punish all students for a portion of the student's mistakes.
The schools are terrible!!!!The food are yucky and the safetys are horribke.The teachers are mean and stupid.It like:people lets learn 2+2.The kids are stupid.Compare it to the Howland students.The kids are mean and UNfreindly!!
One distinguishing characteristic that proves Harrison County an academically credible school system is the resources provided to improve your ACT scores, scholarship money, as well as improve your GPA by graduation.
In my time in Harrison County School District, I have had many unpleasant experiences. A lot of teachers do not want to be there, so they simply just do not care. They always say things are going to change, but they never do. At Harrison Central High School, the buildings are literally falling apart. All of our athletics are going downhill. The school district is taking a turn for the worst.
The teachers are always looking to help a child in need. If there is a problem the teacher trust to resolve the problem rationally but very delicate
I have just recently moved here from a big diverse school in Texas. It is a big change, but the teachers and kids are very welcoming. The academics so far are good. There are some opportunities that you can't get anywhere else.
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I love the new schools, but there is not much emphasis on the arts. It seems none of the administration realizes that more students get scholarships through band and choir than they do for sports, yet they treat sports as if its the most important elective.
Harrison County School District is great. They care about you being
college and career ready. They only want the best for you.
I never had a problem with the district. in HIgh school all of us kids just complained about the school lunches.
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