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I love the FCS program within my school. The teachers at Harrison County have shown the love and appreciation to all of the students. I would love to see an expansion of the FCS and the culinary program.
I feel like many of my teachers are supportive and want us to learn, but some just give us a packet and tell us to finish it.
Harrison Co High School is a small high and school and offers excellent one on one time with teachers rather then large classes with less one on one teacher time. They are involved with their students and their families and truly care about their students educations. The counselor there is very helpful and attentive and helped me with everything I needed to get into the college of my choice.
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Caring and helpful teachers. Beautiful town with small class sizes. I want to go to college and get my degree and move back to this town. Great place to grow up.
Overall a good school but could always use some work. You just have to know who to talk to if you ever need something.
There were very good teachers, and not so good. Some of the faculty seemed to not care as much about their students as others. The ones that did though definitely showed it. Overall a good experience.
My experience at Harrison County High School was nothing short of great. While not the most fancy nor most preppy school, what Harrison County gave me was the sense of humbleness, pride in my community, and the ability to be ready for college at an astounding level. My AP course teachers have done everything possible to make sure I was ready and I have crushed all of my AP Exams because of them.
I have been to all the elementary schools then the middle school and the high school and I have loved every part of my k through 12 years. It has been an amazing experience. i would recommend Harrison County Public Schools.
Harrison County schools do their best to help involve students and prepare them for the future. They just need to work on there involvement with the Area technology Center. The ATC is very very effective with getting students the resources and help they need for the future.
I have liked my experience with Harrison County. I have spent my whole school career in this school district and I am pretty happy with how most things have gone. Some things could be better but overall I am pretty happy.
I feel my kids are obtaining an excellent education at Harrison County Schools. I am especially pleased with Westside ElementarySchool. Phenomenal teachers across the school system!
The school is alright, the education is a little behind from the schools I have attended before. The population is mostly white country kids and drugs is a big problem in the community. Since its a small town, everybody knows everybody so teachers and students are usually pretty close. All in all its not terrible, just not great.
My overall experience was great at Harrison County. I most enjoyed being part of the football team all four years and being involved in the Vocational school. I learned how to be a team player in both fields of study.
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