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Harrison is a school system in which the community is very involved in wanting the best education for all of the students that attend.
Harrison community schools are ok. the teacher are different. The student are all one of a kind. Many people think it bad but not really. classes are easy, the go by fast. als the school was just redone and looks great.
I think our school has a very unique touch to it. We have a great community and everyone is super close!
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I like the open concept design of the building.
I wish they funneled less money into sports, and more into other things.
The experience with Harrison Community Schools is what YOU can make of it. My experience with this community has been self-driven, only relying on what I was willing to go out and there and do. The best part of the experience was the Dual Enrollment program, and that was ill-run at best. All of the schools do what they can with the resources alloted, but I would like to see more community support and involvement in the future.
As Harrison may not be the best school I've learned a lot and it is my home town. One thing I love about Harrison is that when needed the Community comes together as a whole and helps out when needed. One thing that i'd like to see is walls which are going in this summer.
What I like about Harrison Community Schools is that all the teachers are willing to sit down with you and help you out and that's in every course. They're never stuck up. Another thing that I like about Harrison Community schools is that not only they help you but they are actual people and always go above their title like in the beginning of the year sometimes its really hot outside but we still have school that day. But later that same day the whole staff all pitched in and bought all the students some popsicles . And near Christmas break they would buy us some candy canes for the season. It might not sound much but it makes me happy that they were thinking of the students. And what made me happiest to think is that some of the students in Harrison may not get those things at home but they can get it at school.
The school is ok. Teachers and administrators can be rude. And pick favorites. Open concept makes it hard to focus. Teachers don't know how to go with other students learning techniques work.
Sometimes it seemed like they just want to push you through school insted of help you exceed. I wish some of the staff would actually try a little better, I also wish we had more activities and clubs.
I was born and raised in Harrison, MI. I graduated Valedictorian of the Class of 2016, and I feel as though I was never challenged academically. Aside from the ease of completion of classes and my ability to float by and achieve a 4.0 GPA, the teachers are very kind, resourceful and knowledgeable of their fields. There are many different clubs, sports and other activities available to the students, and involvement is encouraged throughout all grades.
I love the Harrison Communities support staff and residents! For a small town it's full of love! There could be better safety precautions only because it's open concept, which will be fixed in about 2 years.
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