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Harrison Central School District Reviews

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Harrison High School provided me with a lot of opportunities to get involved within the district such as sports, newspaper, tech crew, and art.
The Harrison Central School District is very open to all students, and have classes suited for all students too. Very generous with materials students need and want to see them succeed!
Harrison Central School District is a rather affluent school district with high standards for each and every student. The teachers' were incredibly devoted to their classroom. The student body is somewhat diverse but tend to be very much into "cliques". The overall experience was average. School promotes the athletic program which is high ranking within the state. As a student if you are not an athlete, you tend to be slightly overlooked.
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Harrison Central School District is a great school district. All of the schools have a freindly enviorement are great.
HCSD enables students to pursue opportunities and aids in the growth as a learner. The resources and preparation for college is executed well especially with the IB diploma program in place. While the curriculum offers rigor, it teaches students to manage balance and high academic performance as well as community involvement.
Overall, I had a good experience at Harrison high school. Especially Harrison school marching band is awesome. I joined band from my Sophomore year, I learned how to play bass drum and quints drum. We were marching many parade, cheering at sports game and visiting Washington DC. I'd had so many good memories.
Love the people, love the teachers, any class you take you'll have a great teacher. Rigorous classes that are made easy because of the wonderful teachers.
Harrison Central School District is a great place to look for education. The best part about Harrison schools is that they offer you guidance through difficult times, there is a strong community, there is academic competitiveness however each student can move comfortably at their own pace. Harrison High School is the school of opportunity because regardless of what a student is interested in they can find an opportunity to get involved in extracurricular activities that appeal to them. The student body is extremely accepting and has days to support LGBTQ rights, raise awareness for illnesses and diseases, and just recently Harrison High School has teamed up with Relay for Life. Every aspect of the Harrison Central School District is balanced out and it is full of opportunities, students must simply reach out and take a risk.
I love how welcoming the students are . Harrison on the other hand needs to do a lot of work on the racism and diversity problems in the school
The academic rigor and endless opportunities allow you to grow as a student and individual. There is a wide assortment of clubs as well as courses which vary in difficulty, allowing the student to challenge himself/herself at their own pace. Overall, I believe it was a great experience (also, it offers the IB Diploma).
The Harrison Central School District is a great place to go to school. I mover to Harrison in 5th grade and finished out the rest of my schooling there. The faculty and staff in the schools are overall very good. Their extra curricular programs and sports teams are great. I personally was involved in band and had the opportunity to go to Hawaii, Disney, and Chicago to march in various parades. Their IB program is also great and gives you a lot of advantages when looking to apply to colleges.
Everyone in the Harrison Central School District is a husky, from the kindergarteners to the seniors. Everyone is challenged in different ways, whether it be through academics, arts or trades. I liked that the teachers had years of experience so they had techniques to teach us effectively. Also, the arts program is absolutely amazing. At Harrison we are truly blessed to have the opportunity to study Dance and perform choreography because other schools do not have the same program. Students strive not only in the classroom, but on stage, through art, and through musical abilities as well. Overall, Harrison is a place where social groups are clearly intact, the academics are challenging yet engaging and every student is pushed to succeed. So, like they say at every Rye vs. Harrison football game, "I believe that we will win," because with the education we receive, we will succeed at life after high school.
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