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Most of the teachers are decent, but a few of them are outstanding and really go above and beyond for their students. The students are mostly welcoming and from my experience get along really well. The facilities are a little old compared to most schools, but are still in fair condition.
I️ feel like the teachers don’t care about helping us as much as they should, which has made me have to be more independent and mature.
What I loved most about Harrisburg High School was the bond we all shared. The teachers go above and beyond to make sure students are successful for the future, and they never shortcut our education. It's so easy to make friends here and the students are interactive with one another on a daily basis. One thing I would change about Harrisburg High School is the way students feel about themselves. Here at Harrisburg, there are students that always underestimate themselves, which is saddening because each individual portrays greatness in ways they could never imagine. All in all, Harrisburg has been an amazing home to me and many of our students.
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My experience was not very good. The food is not good. The students bully each other so bad. The teachers do not care about the students, only about their favorite students. The administration does not care about the students. I have been bullied by these students since before I came here, and nobody has ever done anything about it. The dean is always trying to get me in trouble for no reason. Honestly, it is a terrible school. I have never felt safe here.
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