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Harrisburg Community Unit School District No. 3 Reviews

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I have loved my experience of being a studen in the Unit 3 school district because of the wonderful faculty, eximplary activities, and feeling of a connected community.
There are many great teachers in Harrisburg. There is always at least one trustworthy adult a student can form a personal relationship with in Harrisburg’s school system. There are many clubs offered at the high school giving each child the opportunity to befriend like-minded individuals. One thing that could be changed in the system is some of the administration. I don’t believe everyone they have chosen to lead our schools has the children’s best interest at heart.
I love the teachers at my school and the school spirit. I played on a championship basketball team and my school always supported on me. Although our school district does not have much money, the teachers and staff are very invested in providing an encouraging and stimulating learning environment.
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I would like to see some updates to the buildings. The renovations they did at the high school are nice but they still have some things they could work on. East Side and West Side also need repairs. East Side could really benefit from new playground equipment. I'd also like to see more club options and events. The high school has clubs but they don't really do anything besides the meetings and running the snack bar at games. Our senior trips could also use some imagination. The last 2 years have been to the same theme park. Our band is amazing but I'd like to see some string instruments added.
Harrisburg High School is one of the best high schools in Illinois. From our academics to our sports, we are all around one of the best schools out there.
I really enjoyed my time in this school district. I tried to be involved in lots of sports and things the school at to offer. The teachers I had in school were very helpful and there for you if you needed anything. It was a great school to attend and I enjoyed the time I had at the school.
I believe the system as a whole is pretty good. I had some amazing teachers who really prepared me for college, so I thank them for that. One complaint I have is their emphasis on trying to get everyone to go to community college. Not every single faculty member is guilty of this, but I have been told countless lies about how life at a university is in order to persuade me to go to community college first, but once I got here university life is nothing like they described. I also disapprove on their emphasis on sports.
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