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I went to SciTech Campus of Harrisburg High School and i can honestly say that it was the best 4 years of my entire life. The teachers, facility, and students as a whole made it feel like home. The principal, Dr.Achampong, is an amazing women who is strict but does it an such a lovingly way. She cares, and so does everyone in the school. I will miss it dearly when I graduate in 2019.
Overall, I'd say I would like the environment to change and the schools' mentality. I would like to see more preparedness in terms of getting students for ready for the real world out there. We should have classes that tell us how to handle money, how to manage our money, how to save, but most importantly how to survive the real though world. and as for the environment, I'd like to see the neighborhood cleanse because it irks me to see how our place isn't taken care of and how people just don't care at all.
I love how we're in an urban area and how I'm surrounded by people that look like me and think like me. My favorite part about school is the people and our culture.
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I like the teachers urge to push us harder as students. They encourage you to be the best that you can be and will help you in the best way they can.
The help throughout the Community is absolutely amazing. The opportunities grow among different choices that could be made such as Scholarships, Jobs within the Community, Events and Social Gatherings. The college itself help students of need that do not want to pay as much money as needed throughout their college experience. Best thing is, they help with making sure that your tuition is paid and throughout give you tours and awesome Yoga instructing! I love it so much, and hope to enroll soon!
Harrisburg city school district is one of very many diverse communities. Although their may be negatives of the school district based around students and their focus and drive, there are very many opportunities.
It's a mix of different backgrounds, it lively with all the students energy and clubs. I personally have background of 90% of my family coming from South America so i fit right in.
Harrisburg School district is very unorganized, but I am glad to have grown up in a diverse school district.
Teachers are the best! They are always there to help you. They talk to us about the future and help us prepare for it.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is a very diverse city . However things are sometimes not as safe as a person would like. The school staff and administrators are very polite and professional. The school sports are very competitive and energetic. Its a place where theres good but also bad.
I was in Harrisburg School District from K5-8th grade I had a good experience, but with Harrisburg Schools there's always something wrong. Either there's no heat or no air condition with the schools in Harrisburg in feel like something is always wrong . I also feel as though Harrisburg kids do not get as many opportunities as any other district, not with sports but with Academics.
I would like to see more hands on education. There is a lot of distractions and fighting in this school and my daughter is going towards a downward spiral in this school John Harris
I loved all the clubs that I was involved in during my time in high school. Because of these clubs I gained a lot of experience and knowledge where I was lacking. My experience also helped me with choosing my major and what career path I wanted to take.
I am a student at the Capital Area School For the Arts and since I have to rate the overall school district, it leaves me with too much bias to correctly review it. It would be poor for me to review an entire school district when I have only heard rumor of the other schools.
What I liked about my experience is at John Harris high school is something most reading can understand. None of the teachers gave up and I mean none of them, despite the ongoing violence, riots and constant interactions with police. I saw that the staff had hope in some if not all of the students. It was one of the very reasons I didn't give up on myself.
you get a better opportunity and the teachers care about your education and your attendance depending on what school you attend but the school i attend does whatever they can do to make sure you succeed.
Terrible school! Curriculum is lacking, students are not challenged, poor admin staff, students are not ready to enter college, no parental involvement , students receive very little help with college and overall very few students enjoy the school experience.
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I really like the environment that is made in our school and how some of the teacher really try to connect and talk with the students, especially in clubs and the teachers that teach higher grades.
Harrisburg is a very quiet family place. Harrisburg it self is fairly small so the school tend to be very small. Harrisburg also has some very unique school such as sci tech and school or the arts. It might be a very small place there is a place for everyone
My experiences at Harrisburg High School is I am a Senior right now at this high school. I am really interest in Graphic Design because it my hobby and career. One thing that should change in this school is increase the number the of security to keep school safe.
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