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The Harris County School System encourages students to be themselves while striving for the best that they can be. The faculty and administration knows most of the students by name and wants everyone to do their best. As a student of Harris County High School, I have never felt that my education was less than that of a larger school because the teachers will work one-on-one with you whenever they can.
The community in Harris County is awesome and supportive but the school needs a change. They need a change in the top adminstration at the high school. He doesn't seem to care about kids.
The Harris county school system has its flaws like any other but beyond those things, the love of the community and school family shines the brightest.
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Although it has been roughly four years since I attended this school, I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that Harris County High School is a great school. The classes and teachers there were intriguing. My teachers always pushed me to learn more, especially when it came to my Advanced Placement classes. I was encouraged to learn through many different perspectives, and my mind was stretched in many new ways.
Harris County Schools have wonderful, caring and loving teachers! Not only have my children attended the schools from Pre-k through high school graduation, but I am also a graduate of the system. They do a great job of preparing students for college and/or the work force. I would recommend this school system to ALL my family and friends!
more AP class choices, especially in the arts program . WOuld also like to see more foreign languages offered besides French and Spanish. We loved our experience at Harris County High School, especially her art teacher and choral director.
Growing up in Harris County for 10 years, I never really knew much beyond the county lifestyle. Yes of course, I knew our school education system was no where near Cobb county and some Atlanta areas education systems, but it was still an excellent system offering what they could with what they had. It wasn't until I went off to UGA that I found there are education systems out there that are so much more far advanced i.e. Fulton County schools. Kids at schools like these are able to start taking AP exams their freshman year and have to pay less than $20 to NOT take their AP exam vs HC where you pay almost $100 TO take the exam. I'm not blaming the school because Harris County isn't made of money, but I never realized how advanced other school districts were compared to mine.
I came from Manchester schools, so, for me, Harris County was a nice change. I met new people, and everyone is polite. It is very easy to get involved in clubs and extra curricular activities because of club days. Not only is it easy to get involved, it is easy to figure out what career you might what to pursue because the school offers multiple pathways classes. I would add more of these classes because not all fields are covered, so some students take a pathway they don't want to take.
I personally love Harris County schools. The staff and teachers at the high school are all very willing and helpful when it comes to helping reach a student's academic goal. Though the classes can be rigor at times, all teachers do the best they can to help each student learn and succeed individually. They take time out of their personal life before or after school to help tutor students, and take time out of class to answer any questions that could potentially help a student better understand something.
The academics at Harris County High School are great, but the overall atmosphere is what makes this school great. The majority of the teachers want to help the students succeed.
Harris County Schools lie in the very small town of Hamilton. This petite community it very friendly and open to everyone. With my experience with these schools I can conclude that they are pertinent in a student’s success and I enjoy my time here.
My experience with Harris County has overall been a good one. I think I am well prepared for college. I'd like to see better care for the school building.
Harris County schools does a good job of providing higher level classes and they also do a good job of accommodating for students with learning issues. However, the accommodations for students with disabilities are less than adequate. The food is also not up to the best standard. However they sports teams are some of the best.
some of our teachers don't know how to teach. one of the high school spanish teachers you can barely understand. some the gifted tachers dont know how to teach gifted students.
At Harris County the schools are very friendly.They are a public based school system with a private set of rules. The academics prepare student
Harris County High school is a great school. As well as the middle school, Creekside, and all three elementary schools. We have awesome teachers who are very reliable and understanding. My only complaint is not feeling prepared enough for college. As much as I loved not ever having homework, it was a bad habit to start.
Harris County was by far a wonderful school. The administration was always willing to help and the four years I was there I always felt safe. It was a very clean and healthy environment to be in and I always felt like everyone was so happy. Harris County is mainly known for our academics and sports. We are always encouraged to get involved. If I could redo my four years I would take their words of wisdom and really try to get into everything that I possibly could. Harris County provided anything and everything you could think of when it came to clubs and sports. Harris County is overall a wonderful place to live and an even better place to go to school.
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My experience in Harris County, although I attended a private school was very interesting. One thing I liked most was its diversity. One thing I would like to see change is the sports options.
The teachers in Harris County Schools genuinely care about the education of the students in the district. The administration set high standards for discipline and expect students and faculty to abide by them. Test scores in the county are above state standards because of the hard work of students and dedication of teachers and administration. I am proud to have been a part of this exceptional school system and will be honored to walk across the stage in May and earn my diploma from Harris County High School.
I have been in the Harris County School System since I was 4 years old. My brother, who is 4 years older then me, was also in the system from age 4 to age 18.
I LOVED my elementary school, Park Elementary. The teachers really care about the students and their learning.
Creekside Intermediate school was not my favorite. Some of the teachers didn't care about the student's education.
The middle school has a variety of clubs and sports that are fun to get involved with; however, it doesn't prepare you well for high school.
The high school is decent. There are many teachers who genuinely care about educating the youth but then there are others who just do enough to get a paycheck.
One thing I would like to see changed at all the schools is the food. My main concern is the high school. The portion sizes are ridiculous, especially for the price.
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