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Throughout my years in Harrah Public Schools, things have been 40/60. I would say about 40% of teachers genuinely care about their students, while the other 60% are merely just there. The handful of great teachers I have encountered I hold dear, while the rest have still left an impact, just not the greatest.
i very much like the school. i have been in harrah all of my life. i have played soccer since i was 6 years old in harrah. my freshman year we won the state championship in 2016. i like to call it my home.
One thing that I like is that, it is a small town. My high school class has grown up together from kindergarten to now. We were born with friends, I would say. Another thing I like is that my mom graduated from Harrah and a lot of the teachers are from Harrah. We are more like a family than a community and school.
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I like Harrah schools because of the people. I love my friends there. My friends make school go by faster and more bearable. Most of the teachers are nice and they make class fun. Andrew things i would like to see change is some of the facilities in the school. I think the bathrooms need to be updated and better food in th cafeteria.
Harrah Public Schools is a great place for students who enjoy the aspects of small community living. The size of the classes allows students to grow closer with one another as well as their teachers, giving them more opportunity to be comfortable enough to ask for help when needed. While the small size can be an advantage, Harrah comes with its downsides. Funding is one of these. Due to lack of funding throughout the state our school especially suffers in ability to hire teachers and staff, thus not being able to offer some classes due to the lack of teachers to teach them. Overall, Harrah isn't below average and with the right mindset students are able to get the most out of their education there just as well as students of much larger schools.
I loved the staff at Harrah High School. All of the teachers very involved with the students and always wanted them to have a good time and still be capable of learning.
Harrah High School is a mid-sized school that is really nice. The principle is great, but the teachers can be very unhelpful at times. I've been going to Harrah Schools my whole life, and I don't regret it one bit.
My high school experience has been pretty good. If I could change one thing it would that I would've played softball.
Harrah Public Schools is in a small farming district and has a tight-knit community. Although it lacks certain resources and could use new facilities, it is a great place to get an education.
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