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Diverse body of students, decent athletics and a few fun extra-curricular activities. Although, staff was not as helpful, professional or kind as they should've been. Academics only barely prepared me for college.
My experience at Harper woods HS did not start off Postive. After Dealing with issues with staff and students, I’ve learned to overcome boundary’s society may put on me. I currently still attend Haper woods HS and I all i can say is that When it’s time for preparing kids for there future, It’s undeniable the efforts the administration will put in too get you where you want to go! I love My a high school with all my heart!!
The things I enjoy about Harper Woods are outranked by the things I despise. For some reason they value uniform conformity more than academics. Though they do offer increasingly impressionable classes. Free breakfast, lunch, and dinner are also very appreciated and assured to every student. Furthermore, though there are plenty of capable teachers, the few who seem to always have classes that fail by the majority are not weeded out and reviewed until the problem is rectified. Instead, the children are blamed. Which seems to be the same in every scenario. A good student can be mistreated by a bad teacher and still be blamed. But even more often is the scenario that children are evil, derogatory, belligerent, and plain animalistic. But besides all of this, Harper Woods High school is a pretty good school, because it offers a free, good education the first time around, which is more than a lot of bad schools offer I'm aure.
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I like some of the opportunites that the school offers, but wish that the school was more organized.
My daughter loves her school, she's a great student and her teachers (especially her homeroom teacher) are awesome. Seeing that it services 95% African American students academic-wise, the children are less inclined to do challenging work. Math and reading scores are not great but the school really does try to keep the students and parents engaged.
I have had some wonderful teachers in Harper Woods Public Schools. I like that Harper Woods has dual enrollment and Honors Classes because I was separated from the students that really had no interest of being in school.
I like that most teachers really work with u if you don’t understand and I would like the safety to get better
Its a very good school. They give you more freedom when it comes to certain things. They have good curriculum and teachers. The stafff is good and your able to build a bond with some.
The district as a whole gives you a big family feel and helps you feel welcomed. The academics and teachers are ok, but most of them will be very involved with you and teach you memorable life lessons.
I liked the fact that Harper Woods does an excellent job at preparing students for standardized tests and college. I would improve the school by adding a few more extra curricular activities.
What I like about Harper woods is the sports I really enjoyed playing on the varsity football team my 2016-2017 school year.
Harper Woods is not the best school but then again its not the worst school to go to. At Harper Woods they offer a lot of opportunities for the students to get ahead in life. They have programs like dual enrollment, gear up, winning futures, leadership camp and national honor society. Almost every moth there is a field trip to visit colleges or on site opportunities at the school for seniors and juniors. The school also offers a SAT boot camp to help prepare students for the SAT. Now school isn't all perfect the lunches are terrible, classes are small and fulled with students, not enough lockers or space for the amount of students they have and the students are rowdy and disgusting.
I absolutely love Harper Woods High School. They are so involved in the students academics. The only thing I would like to change is the courses.
I like that Harper Woods Schools have a lot involvement, from the parents, staff, and students. They also, have a lot of resources involving laptops per class, books, and great teacher support. The students themselves could be better peers and the food.
My experience at Chandler Park Academy was exquisite. I got the opprutunity to learn at a different magnitude of levels. The athletics were great, as well as the musical department. I got the chance to connect with teachers on a educational and personal level. The board worked to give help to each individual and made sure that everyone learned on the level that they needed to. Although my experience was great, I would change some of the disciplinary actions. They were a little over the top and unnecessary, but overall, my experience was great.
I've been attending Harper Woods High School since my ninth grade year and I am now a senior. The teachers have great teaching skills. That's never been the problem. The only problem was the class sizes. There would be up to 36 students in each class. That's a major distraction because you have half the class wanting to learn and the other half doesn't, but if you really wanted to understand what was going on you have to go to the teacher one-on-one. Both of you are less distracted right? It was great!
I enjoyed my experience here at this school, somewhat. I like to learn, but being able to learn outside of my interests is just not for me. If I were able to learn more about something that I really have a passion for, then maybe I would've given my school a higher rating. People just need to realize that students shouldn't be forced to learn certain subjects and end up failing because their brain doesn't work well inside that type of learning environment. Basically what i'm stating here is that student interest leads to student success.
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