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Harper Independent School District Reviews

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It was a small town school with good ranch people. The only thing we did not like was the school board and parents.
I like the small size classrooms and the one-on-one help from the teachers. I would like to see more classes offered. Especially, classes for students interested in the medical field.
Going to Harper all of high school I would like to see he mindset of the students change. Life isn’t handed to you, and most students think that way about life.
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My experience was great. The teachers truly care about your education and you as an individual person. The only thing I would like to see changed is offering more classes that prepare students for the future. The selection of classes offered is very limited compared to larger schools.
I love my school, being involved with a small school is a huge plus for me. I like walking down the halls and knowing everybody I pass, and everyone being well mannered. We have very well rounded students at my school. Harper is by far a great school to grow up, and graduate from.
Harper was a fun experience. It is a smaller school than most but the environment was filled with familiar faces and welcoming arms for new students. The staff is not the best especially when they tried to get into the students drama but other than nosy teachers its a great school.
When it comes to the town and school I have a pretty good insight to it all,not only have I lived here my whole life, but my dad is the Superintendent and my mom is a first grade teacher. In Harper, everyone knows everyone and cares for you as a person not just a student. At our school we are open about our love for the Lord and we are not afraid to show that. If I had to describe Harper in a few words I would use, loving, top notch, and classy. As for the teachers, we have the best each and every teacher goes out of their way to make sure that the students get exactly what they need to succeeded in and out of high school. We are very welcoming when there is a new student you will never see them eating alone at school or walking in the hall way by themselves. In my experience at Harper I realized just how much we try to involve everyone and we never leave people out. In Harper we take competitions very serious and put our very best foot forward in anything we participate in.
It is an amazing place to go to school. I have been here since P-K now about to graduate , and have made life long friends.
I moved to Harper my 7th grade year, the people here are so nice and the school really works with you to help reach your goals. I am now a senior and can say I will
Be so proud to graduate from this school.
I like the teacher and staff . I love the athletics . I wish some of the rules would change. The teachers are great, I want more time out side. Want to get off the campus more easily, and not have to sign out for it.
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