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I switched to Harper Creek community schools in 8th grade. The change was sudden and challenging but I made it work. I enjoy many of the teachers and their willingness to help me thrive. If I could change anything I would start with the demographics. Although the school cannot change who attends the school, they could change how the people they treat that do. The school I attend is mostly white and I think the diversity would really light up the school and help it become brighter and give students most experience with different cultures and backgrounds students come from. I think this will help them a lot in the real world. Another thing I would change is the student teacher interaction. Making it a team, collective effort rather than forceful meaningless one. I think this could be carried out simply by asking students what they need to better learn and thrive in the school/ classroom.
Generally speaking, I like the teachers there. They're kind and look forward to helping students. Harper Creek has 5 AP classes to get you prepared for college. With the help of those classes and the teachers, anyone can be successful in high school. Something I would like to change about Harper Creek are the resource availability. We do have a library but the books in there don't really have helpful information.
My experience throughout high school has been pretty good for the past four years I've been here. All of the teachers are very nice and helpful and there competition in athletics is second to none. Overall a very enjoyable experience.
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The school spirit at Harper Creek is great, the sports and student life make it a great experience. The teachers are the best in town and have made an incredible impact on my life. I gained a great education here at Harper Creek and it led me onto the right path to my after high school career and life.
Currently I am a senior and am glad to have had the opportunity for AP classes as well as dual enrollment. I have taken quite a few in the last 4 years and have helped me prepare for my future.
I loved the teachers here at Harper Creek Community Schools. So many have a true passion for teaching and work very hard to ensure that students are learning and excelling in the classroom. With such limited resources, it’s amazing how much they can accomplish and strive to accomplish. As for things I could change, I would say the diversity. There’s very little at Harper Creek, and what little there is do not have much of a voice in the schools. It would be great to see strides being taken to include more POC and activities and events celebrating them.
Close relationships with teachers, coaches and class mates. Harper Creek was a great school to grow up in and learn from.
Great kids that go to school here. Teachers truly care about how well you do in the classroom as well as how you are doing as an individual.
Harper Creek is a growing school district. There are awesome teachers at every school - willing to go out of their ways to make sure students are getting the best experience and education they can. Harper Creek hires the best teachers available. The sense of community of this school district is also incredible. People go out of their way to help their fellow peers. The number of clubs and student organizations were also superb, and student involvement was just incredible. The district is also doing a great job at keeping their students safe - they've implemented state of the art door locks to use in case of school intruders. Additionally, they have police officers in every school in the district and I always felt safer with the officers around. I'd love to see there be a more diverse availability of advanced courses for students. This would push the district to being one of the best in the area.
Although I learned quite a bit throughout my years at Harper Creek, I do not feel that I was completely prepared for college. Many of the teachers simply handed out worksheet after worksheet, which was not an effective way to help us students learn the material. For many of my classes, I had to strictly memorize the information for tests and final exams because the techniques used in class had not helped me truly learn and engrave the material.
While Harper Creek provided me with a solid foundation to persue college with, the school lacked diversity and often felt racist.
I’ve attended Harper Creek ever sense Kindergarten. Growing up in this community is something I never want to take back. Everyone coming together at sporting events showing off their beaver pride, is a feeling that I am lucky enough to have. The teachers here are very nice and they only want the best for their student and they are willing to go out of their way to give the students the help they need. The students, as well, really connect. To me I feel as the class I will be graduating with in 2019 will always have a spot close to my heart. I know they will be the people I see in public years later on and remember them just as if it was yesterday.
I would change that. Lunchroom and janitorial would go back to the way it use to. Employed by the school and not contracted workers. Also kids need to be involved cleaning lunchroom like it use to be. Cleaning real trays and tables
I like the atmosphere of the school. I also like how much the community is involved with our school and how much they care about our school.
I love Beadle Lake Elementary school. Miss Cathy ( the secretary) knows each student by name and the staff truly care about the kids. The bus driver of bus R, Miss Heather, also knows kids by name and their parents as well.
Take steps of your own to prepare for college. The school doesn't do a great job at making opportunities public to the student, so ask and get involved in your own education. Most of the teachers and staff are great and love to help with anything they can, both for student and parents. Ask for anything most of the staff is there to help you succeed. The high school does a great job bringing in representatives from the surrounding colleges for visit dates and additional information.
I have attended Harper Creek Community Schools my entire life. The teachers and staff are always so nice and upbeat. All of my teachers have been very supportive. Throughout my years Harper Creek community has supported all students through various activities. Some changes that would be nice to see is integrating more higher level classes within the class options.
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Harper Creek is a good school, but it lacks passion, diversity, etc. It's decent, not the best or the worst.
The elementarys and middle school are great. However the high school use changes. There will be teachers teaching the same class but give totally different information or work. The air conditioning could also be improved. It seems to always feel warm during the warmer months and cool during the winter months.
The Harper Creek school district is an amazing place to go to school. I went to Wattles Park elementary school then Harper Creek for high school and middle school. I was enrolled in sports through Wattles Park Mens Club and then also in middle and high school through Harper Creek. I through classes were challenging at times, especially french. There were many AP classes available and also duel enrolling. I would have to say there were no negatives for me I liked the size of the school and the faculty and students in it.
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