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Some of the middle and high schools are facing extreme overcrowding in most of the common areas, classes, and buses. Either the district need's to be rewritten or possibly new schools need to be set in place. It's starting to become a learning distraction.
The staff wanted to see my succeed. There are always opportunities available and the superintendent has excellent communication.
I would love to see more diversity in the school board. I think in order to reach out to the students better, you need to live similar experiences to them. I also think the buses should have better heating and air conditioning.
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I have been going to school in Harnett County since 2013 and from my personal experience, I would say the school is average. It has its good points here and there but overall I did not enjoy going to school here as much as would have liked too.
Being a high school student, you see a lot of things happen, there’s many fights, bullying, they have poor food choices in the cafeteria or just teachers who you just can’t understand. I believe every district or every school is like that, not just Harnett county. There are certain schools in Harnett county that are worse or better than others, but at the end of the day, none of them are an amazing experience.
In harnett county is mostly rural which kind of means a lack of diversity in the schools. The school system has it flaws but overall my experience has been satisfactory
I like the culture here in harnett county schools. An environment is created where students and teachers can get along. I am able to talk to my teachers and guidance counselors about anything I need.
I attended Overhills High School from the middle of my 10th grade year all the way to my senior year. My experience here was amazing, other than Western Harnett. I attend there for a few weeks because Overhills was capped and the cap wasn't being released until January, the start of the new semester. I can honestly say the bus ride from Overhills Creek to Western Harnett was not satisfying and I had to be up at 4:00am to catch the bus around 5:00am just to circle around Spring Lake to pick up others that attended Western Harnett as well. My overall experince after that was amazing. I had no issues with anyone. The teachers are okay, to a certain extinct. You have some rude teachers, but at the same time there are some cool teachers. I loved Overhills because you get attached to the teachers. I haven't been there since last year so i'm sure they've made numerous of changes.
I would like to see more preparation put towards students futures. In business classes there should be a lesson solely on creating a resume and how to build it, in college we're expected to know how to send ours off but most of us did not learn how to create one. I went to Western Harnett High School and I can truly say that there was a heavy amount of favoritism during my four years. Not many teachers who cared about their students education. As whole my school district was not one to brag about and coming to college and hearing everyone else's high school experience made me realize how lacking mine was.
I liked the friendships I had in Harnett county schools,but my learning experience wasn't the best there aren't too many good teachers at my school Overhills so it made learning difficult
Great staff and students, but lacks course flexibility. Also, the semester break should be at christmas to allow maximum opportunity to excel on standardized testing, as prolonging it results in lack of material retention.
I attended Harnett County Schools from K-12. While my time was winding down in my senior year, I noticed how my school was not preparing me for college, or in general the open world. There was rarely any oppoutunities that prepared us for the real world. The atomsphere at the school was non-unifying, everyone stuck their clics, including me. The administration was not very supportive of the students, did not care about student welfare, even in my senior year when the school officials failed to notify students of a potential school shooting and did not make it aware to parents, but was known by the students unknowingly to administration. When I began college it hit myself harder that I was not prepared.
I have had an up and down experience when I went to school there. But when I had to move away and go to a different county I realized how much I missed the area. The schools are very diverse, you meet a lot of people and the sports teams and education are pretty good to me. I came out with a degree and straight As.
I go HCEC and overall it is a good school. The teachers are really nice. The only school activity so far is student government.
After leaving, I felt highly unprepared for life after high school. Very few of the teachers at Western Harnett actually taught what they were supposed to in a way that everyone could understand. If you didn't get something, they would just leave it at that and give you a bad grade. Every so often you would get a good teacher but it was vey rare. Overall my experience was awful. The cafeteria was worse than the classroom though. The food was old and most of the time bland
Harnett County Schools do there best to keep kids engaged with their studies. The schools promote school spirit allowing many teenagers to get pumped for school sports such as football, basketball, softball, and even smaller sports such as swim and volleyball. Uniting for school sports really brings together class mates and friends. However, the schools could stress a little more the importance of college and SAT/ACT scores along with study prep. Many students were thrown into these during their junior year with little to no prep or even lots of last minute cramming.
Me personally, it depends on the school you attend in Harnett County. Both Western Harnett Middle and High have been awesome. Both schools have great support systems and a LOT of diversity. They have a great staff and teachers. Highland Middle which i attended for a year had a HORRIBLE staff but excellent teachers. Not a lot of diversity and my opinion just a horrible discipline system.
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I love the schooling that is in Harnett County Schools, I have been around to all grade levels such as Elementary, Middle, and the college level and all teachers really care and want to help their students achieve success in education.
The teachers truly care for the education of their students, however, their is little to no diversity within the school system. Many activities that were once available for the students are no longer available. There should be more resources open to the students as well as more opportunities to get involved with the community.
Many small schools. The teachers are great! There are many different school clubs and sports to join.
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