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I attended Harnett County Schools from K-12. While my time was winding down in my senior year, I noticed how my school was not preparing me for college, or in general the open world. There was rarely any oppoutunities that prepared us for the real world. The atomsphere at the school was non-unifying, everyone stuck their clics, including me. The administration was not very supportive of the students, did not care about student welfare, even in my senior year when the school officials failed to notify students of a potential school shooting and did not make it aware to parents, but was known by the students unknowingly to administration. When I began college it hit myself harder that I was not prepared.
I have had an up and down experience when I went to school there. But when I had to move away and go to a different county I realized how much I missed the area. The schools are very diverse, you meet a lot of people and the sports teams and education are pretty good to me. I came out with a degree and straight As.
I go HCEC and overall it is a good school. The teachers are really nice. The only school activity so far is student government.
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After leaving, I felt highly unprepared for life after high school. Very few of the teachers at Western Harnett actually taught what they were supposed to in a way that everyone could understand. If you didn't get something, they would just leave it at that and give you a bad grade. Every so often you would get a good teacher but it was vey rare. Overall my experience was awful. The cafeteria was worse than the classroom though. The food was old and most of the time bland
Harnett County Schools do there best to keep kids engaged with their studies. The schools promote school spirit allowing many teenagers to get pumped for school sports such as football, basketball, softball, and even smaller sports such as swim and volleyball. Uniting for school sports really brings together class mates and friends. However, the schools could stress a little more the importance of college and SAT/ACT scores along with study prep. Many students were thrown into these during their junior year with little to no prep or even lots of last minute cramming.
Me personally, it depends on the school you attend in Harnett County. Both Western Harnett Middle and High have been awesome. Both schools have great support systems and a LOT of diversity. They have a great staff and teachers. Highland Middle which i attended for a year had a HORRIBLE staff but excellent teachers. Not a lot of diversity and my opinion just a horrible discipline system.
I love the schooling that is in Harnett County Schools, I have been around to all grade levels such as Elementary, Middle, and the college level and all teachers really care and want to help their students achieve success in education.
The teachers truly care for the education of their students, however, their is little to no diversity within the school system. Many activities that were once available for the students are no longer available. There should be more resources open to the students as well as more opportunities to get involved with the community.
Many small schools. The teachers are great! There are many different school clubs and sports to join.
Some of the High Schools don't take issues seriously.
Example:. Serious bullying , How to handle Family Emergencies, Keeping Teacher's on staff..ETC
Harnett County Schools has an average system. They all care for the well being of the students however, they need to work on the education system. Administration in my school in particular is more concerned in students walking in certain hallways and have them blocked than students actually doing well in class. As long as they make it to class on time, which they have, they should not worry about how students get to class where there are students failing because they have a teacher who does not know how to have control. There are those kinds of teachers and then there are teachers that get a little to close with the students.. Harnett County Schools have good clubs and have many students involved, but the way staff handles the students and how they are educated needs to be revised..
Harnett County Schools is a district devoted to their children, staff, and the community around it. Harnet County schools goal is ensure every student receives a world-class education. In Harnett County all students learn in a safe and academically challenging environment. Harnett County teachers and staff strive daily to provide the best instructions possible to every student. As a Junior in High School, Harnett County Schools has significantly prepared me for college and the real world. All the staff are their to support and help whenever you need it. Overall, Harnett County is the best County in North Carolina to receive the best possible education out there.
The teachers and staff are amazing, but the classes are way to crowded. A good teacher can not control 50 students in a class causing low scores. Lots of violence and bad activity in this school
My experience at Overhills HIgh School was an interesting one as I began my freshman year with no friends and came out with friends after high school. Also my time here allowed me to practice my favorite sport which is track. Another important part that contributed to my experience in high school is the fact that the teachers I had encouraged me to do bigger and better things and were always there for me when I needed it. Lastly administration does well with what they have and prioritize safety and and getting an education to enhance the experience.
Harnett County Schools have clean, great campuses. The school district does a great job of budgeting according to their top priority: the students. I would like to see a greater tie between the athletic and academic departments.
At HCHS there is a feeling of community. Everyone seems to care about you...Teachers, Coaches, even the staff in the front office. Since I’ve attended only HCHS, I’m unable to compare my experience with other schools. But I know I will look back on my high school days as a positive experience.
I would like to see more Communications with students , Especially the student that make it hard for other kids to focus in class or to learn . I like the fact there are some teachers that are not there for a paycheck and genuinely care about the students education.
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Harnett County schools need better teachers and more college preparatory programs. Harnett county schools need more variety of sports and have equal funding for all sports not just football and cheerleading. Harnett county schools do not provide enough programs to get students ready for college because college is nothing like high school. The students need to know more about how many scholarships are out there and get help with applying to the right college.
As a parent of a two students who attended Harnett County Schools I was very fortunate to not have any bad experiences with the school system.
The high schools in Harnett County aren't the best, and they don't prepare you for college. Campbell is a great college and I love it!
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